Table of contents


Part I - The abstracts of UVS:

- Preface

- The categorization of the thumbnail images on the UVS homepage

- Overviews of UVS

- The epistemic process and methodology of the UVS research
- The significance of the UVS research
- The scientific revolution of the UVS research
- Critical analysis of the scientific method on its intrinsic flaws
- The cognitive paradox fallacy in Copernican heliocentrism
- The cognitive paradox fallacy in Big Bang model on the metric expansion of space
- The cognitive paradox fallacy in cosmic inflation on accelerated expansion of space
- Michelson-Morley experiment reviewed with UVS
- Main critical propositions of the UVS research

The predications of the UVS research
- Cargo Cult Science

- The paradoxical effect of the cosmos

- Revolutionary discoveries

- UVS worldview

- UVS model

- The conceptual framework of UVS
- Some afterthoughts of with UVS model

- The unisonal vortex mechanism

- The vortex and vortrex definitions of UVS
- Unisonal vortex attributes
- Visualization of a subliminal precession cycle of the Earth
Do an interactive experiment to experience gyroscopic precession
- A gyroscopic precession paradox
- Visualization of a differential rotation in Foucault's pendulum
- Types of perpetual motion machines

- The inspirations of UVS

- The metaphysical inspirations of UVS
- The philosophical inspirations of UVS

- Afterword


Part II - The UVS visual inductive resolutions on natural phenomena:

- Cosmic microwave background dipole

- The spheroidal torus vortex of the CMB dipole structure

- Galaxy cluster

- The hyperspheres observed in the cosmos

- Supervoid

- Vortical gravitational singularity

- Galaxy group

- Black hole

- Supermassive black hole
The UVS perspective on dark matter and dark energy

- Structure of galaxy

- The vortical structure of a barred spiral galaxy
- The vortical hypersphere structure of an elliptical galaxy
- The vortical structure of a lenticular galaxy

- The formation of stars and galaxies

- A star is vortically formed within a larger vortical system that impels its galaxy
The vortically spawned protostar
The vortical motion of Sun
- A galaxy is vortically formed within a larger vortical system that impels its galaxy cluster
- Other galactic vortical systems
The vortical phenomena of the Cartwheel Galaxy group
Other vortical phenomena of star
- Vortical systems within a vortical planetary system
- The vortically manifested planetary orbitals
The apparent retrograde rotation of Venus
- The primeval Earth and its moon

- Globular cluster

- Dust disk of star

- The Solar System alignment effect

- The T-junction crossed alignment of Solar System objects
- Natural events on Earth with aligned and cross-aligned Solar System objects

- Sunspot

- The planetary vortical system of the Solar System
- The polar polar vortex pair of the Sun
- The solar jet stream pair
The barycenter of the Solar System - BOTSS
- A visual analysis of the solar cycle with the set up of a barycentric Solar System planetarium
- The barycentric drivers of the solar cycle
- The fluctuations of the solar cycle
- The qualitative predictions of the solar cycle 25
- The ~59.3 year synodic cycle of Jupiter and Saturn
- The Hallstatt cycle and its quasi cycles
- Grand solar minima and maxima
- An imminent Grand Solar Minimum
- Little Ice Age
- The vortical effect of the solar wind
- Other vortical phenomena of the Sun
- Other vortical structures of the Sun

- Comet

- The nested atmosphere of comet
- Cometary outburst
- The gas tail of comet
- The dust tail of comet

- The vacuum in the gas tail of comet
- The cometary craters and the creation of chemical elements in the comet

- The dual-core Ring Center of the Solar System
- The optical illusion of meteor shower
- The evolution of comets

- Mysterious planetary rings

- Polar aurorae of gas giants
- Vortices of Saturn
- The Great White Spot on Saturn
- The ring systems of celestial objects
- The polar aurorae of Jupiter

- The vortices of Jupiter

- The cloud bands of Jupiter
- The retrograde cloud bands of Jupiter
- The jet streams of Jupiter
- The satellite vortices of Jupiter
- The Great Red Spot on Jupiter

- Heliosphere

- Ice age

- Axial precession of the Earth

- Aurora

- The nested polar vortex pair

- The atmospheric effects of polar vortex

- The Antarctica Ozone Hole

- Polar jet streams

- Subtropical jet stream
- Easterly jet stream

- Tropical cyclones

- Tornado

- Supercell, tropical storm, and thunderstorm

- Meteorlogical precipitation

- Dust devil

- Dust storm

- The causality of subtropical deserts

- Clear air vortices

- Downburst

- Dual-core crater

- Vortically manifested dual-core craters

- The driver of earthquakes

- The intraplate earthquake
- An analysis of the planetary alignments for the 9.0 earthquake in Japan on 11th Mar 2011

- Tunguska event

- The Earth is heading toward an invisible barycenter of the gas giants in March 2029

- Tidal bore

- Bermuda Triangle

- An analysis on how a Boeing 747 could have had mysteriously crashed
- A hypothetical crash theory based on its encounter of a clear air vortex
- An experiment for understanding the effect of impacting on air wall
- Other incidents of aircrafts that had mysteriously crashed and their Solar System arrangements:
- A quantitative analysis based on the encountering of a clear air vortex for the crash of Flight CAL611

- Oceanic whirlpool

- Oceanic whirlpool cluster and underwater spheroidal torus whirlpool
- Oceanic jet stream

- The structure of atom

- The UVS atomic model with a nested dual-core electron shell
- A comparative analysis of the Solar System with the UVS atomic model
- Electron's vortical motion

- Torque-induced precession on an atom vortically impels its electrons to intrinsically spin

- Electron cloud
- The metaphors for half-integral spin
- Vortical elementary and subatomic particles - The UVS atomic nucleus model
- Zome illustrations on the geometry of atomic nucleus
- Nucleosynthesis in the cosmos - A hyperspherical vortex spin fusion
- The UVS periodic table model of a Klein bottle topology
The UVS periodic table of Möbius strip topology
- The spiral order for filling of electrons in atomic orbitals
- The causality of covalent bond and cohesive force
- The UVS periodic table of manifold dual-core 3-sphere hypersphere topology


Part III - Critical analyses and abstracts of the UVS treatise:

- Logic and belief systems

- The functions of logic gates with Boolean logic
- The philosophy of science of the UVS research
- The criteria of truth for the UVS research

- The cosmological model of UVS

- The structure of the observable universe

- Unisonal evolution mechanism

- The vortical hypersphere of 137 nested 3-spheres
- Monopole system
- Modeling the unisonal evolution mechanism
- Aether corpuscle
- Quantized electromagnetic unisonal vortex
- Aether vortical motion
- The conceptualized framework of nature

- The hyperspherical pushed-in gravity

- The vortical core-seeking force renders the binding effect of spheroidal torus pushed-in gravitational field
- The causality of gravity
- Do an interactive experiment to contemplate the pushed-in effect of volumetric pressure
Soap bubble metaphor
A thought experiment to simulate the hyperspherical pushed-in gravity with a huge balloon held in deep ocean
- The causality of tidal force
- A thought experiment for visualizing the pushed-in universal gravitational force of a planetary system
- The interactions of the hyperspherical pushed-in gravity in superior and inferior conjunction
- The hyperspherical pushed-in gravitational field
The concept of hyperspherical pushed-in gravity amalgamates and unifies

- Time dilation reviewed with UVS

- The UVS reviews on time dilation in special relativity
The UVS reviews on time dilation in general relativity
- The UVS reviews on time dilation effect in Einstein's special theory of relativity
Einstein's light clock
- Muon experiment reviewed with UVS
- Uniform velocity geodesic motion in Einstein's 1905 paper on special theory of relativity
Four-dimensional spacetime continuum in a hypothetical construct for sound wave in a vector space void of medium

- The UVS reviews on the General Relativity concepts of gravity

- The vortex legacy of Albert Einstein
- Vortical gravitation
- Space-time gravitational singularity
- The equivalence principle
- Gravitational lensing
- Quantum vortices of Bose-Einstein condensate
- Faster than light speed in transferring of motion through vortical interconnectedness

- Michelson-Morley experiment reviewed with UVS

- The first major problem
- The second major problem
- Higgs field - From the UVS perspective
Scientific evidence and proofs for aether does physically exist in Euclidean three dimensional space

- The apparently observed expanding universe

- Genesis of the cosmos - The unisonal vortical motion of the cosmos



- Allegory of a flat Earth event

- The UVS case study on the barycentric drivers of the solar cycle

- The UVS case study on the barycentric encounters of the Earth in 2029

A series of empirically observed Comet 29P outbursts from January 2008 to April 2010

- A tri-typhoon cluster event and its dynamic arrangement of the cross-aligned Solar System objects

- The illusion of knowing and the illusion of having control

Some paradoxically observed optical illusions



A scientific revolution

By Vincent Wee-Foo



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