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The UVS visual inductive resolution on the structure of magnetosphere

In the UVS worldview, the magnetosphere is a torus-shaped nested vortical hypersphere.

From the UVS perspective, magnetosphere is manifested by vortically spinning aetheric jet streams to render its magnetic dipole, and it is impelled by aether vortical motion to vortically form its torus transformed nested vortical hypersphere.

The UVS research predicates the magnetosphere is a nested vortical hypersphere of a torus transformed structure.

Note: Image on far right is an artist impression of vortex for illustration purpose to show the vortical dynamics with standing waves as vortex rings and longitudinal waves in the form of spiral arms in the accretion disk.

The Earth's magnetic field, which is a magnetic dipole
Artist impression of vortex

Nested magnetic field of Earth
Cartwheel galaxy group with its invisible spheroid highlighted

See the UVS topics on "Scientific evidence and proofs for aether does physically exist", and "Galaxy group" that illustrates a hidden torus transformed nested intergalactic spheroid.

"A magnetosphere is formed when a stream of charged particles, such as the solar wind, interacts with and is deflected by the intrinsic magnetic field of a planet or similar body.", "A magnetosphere is the region around an astronomical object in which phenomena are dominated or organized by its magnetic field.", "Earth is surrounded by a magnetosphere, as are the magnetized planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The internal field of the Earth (its "main field") appears to be generated in the Earth's core by a dynamo process, associated with the circulation of liquid metal in the core, driven by internal heat sources.". - Excerpts from Wikipedia in its topic on "magnetosphere".

A magnetic force in one inertial frame of reference may be an electric force in another, or vice-versa (see relativistic electromagnetism for illustrations). - Excerpt from Wikipedia.

In the UVS worldview, the nested structure of Van Allen radiation belt, suggests it is coalesced by a nested toroidal vortex that encapsulates the Earth.

From the UVS perspective, solar wind enters the nested magnetosphere of Earth via its nested pair of polar vortexes, and the flow through charge particles are vortically held in the radiation belts.

See externally linked topics on "Van Allen radiation belt", " 'Zebra Stripes' in Earth's Magnetic Field Have Surprising Source" that suggests Earth's magnetic field is sujected to precession effect, and "Bow shocks in astrophysics" that elaborates on the bow shock around the Earth.

The grounding for its epistemic theories of truth: The underlying vortical structure and mechanism of magnetosphere as explicated with its hypothetical construct based on the UVS model, elucidated its delusional observation that renders its misconceptions. Thus, its cognitive paradox could be meticulously resolved, and all the related natural phenomena were then qualitatively analysed in the conceptual framework of UVS by inductive reasoning for explicating with their empirical evidence to predicate by abductive reasoning.

See the UVS topic on "Overviews of the UVS research" that elaborates on its visual grounded theory for the evaluations of natural phenomena.

What led me more or less directly to the special theory of relativity was the conviction that the electromotive force acting on a body in motion in a magnetic field was nothing else but an electric field. - Albert Einstein


Aetheric jet stream

Based on UVS model, magnetic field is vortically coalesced atheric jet streams of laminar flow in vortical harmonics of progressive angular phase emanated from a magnet. It is vortically coalesced by an inviscid medium that vortically spin and resonated in the frequency spectrum of its aetheric field.

In the UVS worldview, a magnetic field line is a cyclonic aetheric jet stream of a specific wavelength, which vortically flow around the nested horn torus shaped magnetic field structure of a naturally magnetized celestial object.

The UVS research predicates a magnetic field line is a vortically coalesced aetheric jet stream.

See the UVS subtopics on "Electron cloud" that elaborate on the causality for the electric charge of an electron, and "Vortical elementary and subatomic particles" that elaborates on how vortical motion of elementary particles renders cyclonic and anti-cyclonic aetheric jet streams. See an externally linked topic on "Earth's magnetic field" for its mainstream elaboration.

Earth's magnetic field lines
with particle paths illustrated.

See an externally linked topic on "Flux tube and plasma torus" that reports on charged particles spewed from Jupiter Moon Io had formed a gigantic Io Plasma Torus collection of particles, which orbit in the orbital of Jupiter,

In the UVS worldview, the spheroidal torus structure of Jupiter's magnetosphere, suggests it is coalesced by a nested toroidal vortex that encapsulates Jupiter.

From the UVS perspective, the Io's flux tube is an aetheric jet stream, it is supposedly transformed by its horizontally consolidation from a ring torus structure of Jupiter's magnetosphere with a vortically coalesced Io.

The Io's plasma torus, is supposedly a ring torus structure that was manifested in the nested spindle torus structure of Jupiter's nested magnetosphere.

Io's flux tube and plasma torus. By Professor Kenneth R. Lang.

See the UVS topics on "Polar jet stream" that elaborates on how an atmospheric polar jet stream is manifested by its nested polar vortex, "The structure of the observable universe", "The structure of galaxy", and "The vortically manifested planetary orbitals" that illustrates orbits are rendered by transferred vortical motion.

The phenomenon of geomagnetic reversal

Internal structure of Earth showing
the outer core of liquid nickel-iron.

Mars event on multiple volcanic
activities occurred simultaneously with
gaseous vortices
and magnetic storms.

Based on UVS model, the Solar System is impelled by its harmonic stellar vortex system, and with the barycenter motion of Solar System objects, it can resonate to manifest a vortical gravitational singularity in the stellar vortex of the solar system.

From the UVS perspective, once in a rare occasion when Earth enters and exits a manifested vortical gravitational singularity, its field effect can cause the magnetic field of the Earth to be twisted, flipped, twisted again, and then gradually revert back to normal.

The UVS research predicates the geomagnetic reversal of Earth is caused by the field effect of a prominent barycenter manifested in the Solar System.

And satellite vortices manifested in the liquid iron outer core of the Earth, could cause the magnetic declination of its magnetosphere.

Watch a video clip on "Primer Fields" that illustrates with an ingenious plasma experiment at 10:20 of the video clip, it illustrates a plausible structure of magnetic field for celestial objects, and demonstrates a mechanism for how a magnet with its magnetic field can be flipped when it enters and exits the Flip Ring.

See an externally linked topic on "Geomagnetic reversal" for its relevant mainstream elaboration.

See the UVS topic on "Satellite vortices of Jupiter" that evidently illustrates vortices have had formed deep inside Jupiter.

We wish to find the truth, no matter where it lies. But to find the truth we need imagination and skepticism both. We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact. - Carl Sagan

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions
and by the depth of our answers.
- Carl Sagan






~ With thanks to anonymous for his private message (on April 3rd, 2014) that links to the report on " 'Zebra Stripes' in Earth's Magnetic Field Have Surprising Source".



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