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The paradoxical effect of the cosmos

The paradoxical[d] effect of the cosmos[w] is a subliminal[d] natural effect that misleads people in its states of delusion[g].

In the observable universe[w], this effect subliminally renders various forms of natural cognitive paradox[g] by negating[d] the observations of natural phenomena[w] in a typical obfuscated[d] manner.

Remark: This is a philosophical tenet of the UVS treatise.

The entire observable universe is subliminally paradoxical. - UVS inspired -

A resolved example of a cognitive paradox in modern astronomy[m] for illustrating how the actuality[d] of a natural phenomenon is being subliminally negated, is the perceptive[d] with its transcendental[d] perspective[d] for perceiving how the morning Sun in its localized perception[w] appears as rising from the east horizon.

Sunrise[w] is merely a relative motion illusion rendered with the perception on a rotating Earth; the Sun is not moving in the motion like it apparently seems to be.

This apparent motion of the rising Sun is paradoxically a cognitive contradiction of its actuality.

The Earth rotates.

The apparent motion is an observational delusion, which is being rendered in a subliminally obfuscated manner.

An animation for illustrating sunrise. [s]

The natural negation of this cognitive[d] paradox[d] on sunrise is caused by its subliminally negated circumstances, which render its apparent motion in the perspective on an apparently motionless Earth that actually rotates.

For past millenniums in the illusions of knowing about the sunrise phenomenon as a result of being incognizant[d] of its delusion, people from all over the whole wide world across many cultures at different timelines were generally misled by its cognitive paradox. As thus, the elites in the geocentric era have had fallaciously established all possible forms of geocentric model[w] to quantitatively assert the Sun revolves around a stationary Earth as empirically observed.

Remark: The Foucault pendulum is an immutable proof the Earth rotates and it is a spheroidal structure.

The illusion of knowing is unresolvable in the delusion of its cognitive paradox.

A manifested paradoxical effect can consistently fool us with the cognitive paradox rendered in its state of delusion.

Delusion is the mother of all its illusions of knowledge.” - UVS inspired -

With manifold[d] negating factors that are being subliminally manifested, the paradoxical effect of the cosmos causes natural phenomena to be intermingled with multifarious[d] cognitive paradoxes for their apparent observations. As thus, these delusional observations would always paradoxically render as enigmas[d] by obfuscating to contradict their actualities in the combinations of their subliminally negated circumstances. These enigmas of the natural phenomena are thus rendered in their manifold delusional observations, they therefore are counterintuitive, mysterious, confusing, and paradoxically misleading.

Paradoxically, the Sun is not in the motion that appears to be rising from the east horizon as apparently observed, it is not stationary like it had been believed to be so with the putative laws of physics that assert heliocentrism[w], and it is also not the center of the Solar System[w] like it was being thought as with the current conventional wisdom[w]; nothing could be further from the truth than such fallacious postulations that were established in all the delusions about the Sun.

See the UVS subtopics on "The cognitive paradox fallacy in Copernican heliocentrism" that elaborates on the unisonal vortex mechanism of the Solar System with its cognitive paradox resolved in its transcendental perspective, "The vortically manifested planetary orbitals" that elaborates on the vortical nature of the Solar System, and the UVS topic on "Sunspot" that elaborates on the transcendental perspectives for resolving more than a dozen mysterious phenomena about the Sun.

In the observable universe, the apparently observed natural phenomena that are being paradoxically rendered in all possible manners of their subliminally negated circumstances, are extensive and overwhelming.

Oblivious[d] to the multifarious cognitive paradoxes that naturally negate to render delusions in the observable universe, their subliminally rendered negated circumstances have been fooling everyone.

The paradoxical effect of the cosmos relentlessly[d] obfuscate ingenious[d] people as the intelligent fools in their states of delusion, dumb people as the stupefied[d] fools in their states of confusion, and enlightened[d] people of anything to appear to the others like they are the eccentric[d] fools of that very thing.

This paradoxical nature of reality[w] with various forms of its naturally manifested negations, in all possible ways is rendering the negated circumstances to obfuscate the observations of its paradoxically rendered natural phenomena. The effect subliminally renders various forms of natural cognitive paradoxes by obscuring[d] to negate the observations of their actualities, and thus paradoxically obfuscate to manifest the delusional observations of these apparently observed natural phenomena throughout the observable universe.

Mother nature[d] is a great illusionist[d]!

Nonetheless, in ways similar to the illustrated sunrise example, the realization of the manifested paradoxical effects could elucidate[d] such delusional observations with their transcendental perceptions.

With the delusions of the paradoxically rendered natural phenomena elucidated, the transpired insights could reveal the natural negations of their manifested paradoxical effects that render the subliminally negated circumstances for causing their cognitive paradoxes.

These cognitive paradoxes could be efficaciously resolved with the UVS research methodology in its analyses of the subliminally imbued paradoxical effects. And these could be methodically analyzed with the UVS visual inductive resolutions on those natural phenomena that are elusively demonstrating the nested hyperspherical variants of their structurally transformed torus[w] forms, or the characteristics of unisonal vortex[uvs].

Note: The animation on right illustrates how a torus[w] could transform. It shows as the distance to the axis of revolution decreases, the ring torus becomes a horn torus, then a spindle torus, and when the distance approaches zero, the torus will resemble a sphere.

A transforming
torus structure.

A vortical fractal of
unisonal vortex.

These are through identifying the various hyperspherical forms of nested torus structures or by the inference of their unisonal vortices[uvs], which could be perceivable in the empirically observed natural phenomena. They are then analyzed with the UVS model in its conceptual framework[uvs], which could induce the insights[d] to the resolutions[g] on their actualities for resolving their associated subliminal negations.

This epistemic[d] process could elucidate how the observational delusions in their subliminally negated circumstances are rendering their cognitive paradoxes.

A nested form of
torus structure.

In the UVS worldview, the entire structure of the observable universe[uvs] is intrinsically formed in a nested vortical hypersphere system[uvs] of the cosmos, which could naturally negate to paradoxically obfuscate in the objective reality[m]. All physical states of existence and the underlying structures of natural phenomena are thus inherently imbued with its paradoxical characteristics.

The structure of the observable universe is a nested vortical hypersphere, which is
being formed in the vortical transformations of a nested torus paradigm.
- UVS inspired -

The inductive approach[w] of the UVS research invoked to intuitively analyze the apparently observed natural phenomena in its conceptual framework[uvs], construed with their hypothetical constructs[w] based on the UVS model for illustrating their underlying structures and mechanisms, could elucidate the observational delusions to efficaciously resolve the subliminally negated circumstances that render their cognitive paradoxes.

Heuristically[w], this can elevate the perceptions of such natural phenomena to their transcendental perspectives, and thus could perceive how their apparent observations are being negated with their cognitive paradoxes that therefore render their observational delusions. These perceptions could induce the conceptual resolutions to visualize[d] how the manifested paradoxical effects mislead people with the observations perceived in their delusional states, and thus reveal how such naturally negated observations have had subliminally fool people to the cognitive paradox fallacies[uvs] that therefore rendered their physical paradoxes[w].

See the UVS subtopic on “The cognitive paradox fallacy in cosmic inflation on accelerated expansion of space” that elaborates on how the cognitive paradox of a hallmark modern discovery in astrophysics, was methodically resolved with its delusion elucidated.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

Intuition[d] is a cognitive function of mental faculty[d] that has the ability to acquire knowledge[w] without conscious reasoning. And with the visualization intuitively induced in its state of awakening that disperses its state of delusion, it has the element of surprise with a rush of jubilation for its enlightenment[g]. With the intuition and its insight for the actuality[d] of a paradoxically rendered natural phenomenon, it could elucidate its delusion for resolving its cognitive paradox, and thus solves the misconception, mystery, or anomaly of its apparent observation.

The only real valuable thing is intuition. - Albert Einstein

Being enlightened in the conceptual framework of UVS with their visual inductive resolutions, it induces the insights for understanding[w] how the delusions of natural phenomena could be rendered in all possible manners of their subliminally negated circumstances. This is by discerning the subliminally manifested paradoxical effects, so as to resolve the natural cognitive paradoxes that are manifested with different forms of natural negations in a typical obfuscated manner.

The awakening from delusion is enlightenment; awakened from delusion is enlightening.

Enlightenment on the paradoxical effect of the cosmos, enlightens.

By realizing the paradoxical effect of the cosmos, it enlightens on how natural phenomena could be negated to render their delusional observations in a typical obfuscated manner.

The enigmas of the natural phenomena could be resolved by knowing how the paradoxical effect of the cosmos subliminally negates, which is causing the circumstances of their observational delusions.

This epistemic process[uvs] in its coherently grounded transcendental perspectivism[w], could enlighten with the insights of the UVS hypothetical constructs that explicate their underlying structures and mechanisms. This approach could intuitively induce the visual resolutions that have very profound resolving capability for the revelations of their obfuscated actualities. And with its induced insights, it could thus elucidate the delusions of the paradoxically rendered natural phenomena.

By visualizing the underlying structures and mechanisms, it intuitively reveals the actualities of the mysteriously rendered natural phenomena.

The process of the enlightenment experienced with the UVS research for its attempts to resolve enigmatic natural phenomena, could be analogous to a person was attempting to find the way out of an outskirt area in the nightfall. Then with unexpected flashes of lightning bolts, whatever that were obfuscated in the darkness are suddenly illuminated; the optically negated scenarios are being suddenly lit up in the enlightenment.

The sudden illuminations instantly shed lights to render the visualizations for resolving the enigmas that were obscured by darkness, and thereof could trigger their explosions of discoveries.

Strokes of lightning bolts dispersing the darkness instantly.

To understand how the visual inductive resolutions of the UVS research made their revolutionary discoveries in its case studies[w], one should experience the discovery process himself. This can begin by assimilating the UVS cosmological model, and then practice it on those well-resolved cognitive paradoxes[uvs] of the paradoxically rendered natural phenomena that are easier to comprehend.

See the UVS topic on “Significant revolutionary discoveries of the UVS research" for some case studies on the visual inductive resolutions of natural phenomena.

After realizing the actuality of a paradoxically observed natural phenomenon with its hypothetical construct of the UVS model, and at the moment of being snapped out of its delusion in the state of its enlightenment that resolves its cognitive paradox, its negation could be intuitively elucidated with its transcendental perception in the conceptual framework of UVS. Thereafter, other comparable natural phenomena in the generalization[w] of a nested vortical paradigm that is scalable and systematically transformable with the UVS model, could be explored with its comparative analyses by addressing their comparable paradoxical effects to efficaciously resolve their cognitive paradoxes.

Essentially, this is an epistemic process that develops in a nested positive feedback loop[uvs] for inducing the visual inductive resolutions[g] with its grounded theory[w], and thus resolves the apparent observations of those empirically observed natural phenomena at different scale levels that are also appearing to be enigmatic as a result of their typically manifested natural cognitive paradoxes.

A visual inductive resolution of the UVS research that enlightens intuitively, and therefore at a stroke resolves the enigma of a paradoxically rendered natural phenomenon, could thus trigger its explosion of discoveries.

See "Preface" for suggestions on how to effectively explore the UVS treatise, and the "Afterword of UVS" that elaborates on the inception of the UVS research.

For the application of the UVS grounded theory on any vortically demonstrated enigmatic natural phenomenon that could be paradoxically rendered, first contemplates with the UVS model in the UVS worldview to develop its hypothetical construct for explicating its underlying structure and mechanism. Then with the inductive approach circumspects[d] on the intuitively perceived actuality in the UVS conceptual framework for resolving its cognitive paradox, and then evaluate its inspired insight with the UVS' theory of knowledge for its criteria of truth[w] to verify its predication[d] of the perceived actuality.

It would be an awe-inspiring experience in the awakened state of its enlightenment when one begins to realize the actuality of an enigmatic natural phenomenon, which is being enlightened at a stroke when its delusion is elucidated with its visual inductive resolution. This would intrigue us to turn every stone for its evaluations, which then could lead to evidence for supporting or against the transpired actuality. Nonetheless, discreetly avoid the pitfalls of self-fulfilling prophecy[w], and applies necessary discretions appropriately to check with qualitative rigor for cogency.

We wish to find the truth, no matter where it lies. But to find the truth we need imagination and skepticism both. We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact. - Carl Sagan

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions
and by the depth of our answers.
- Carl Sagan

With the enlightenment, it could be incredibly simple and easy to perceive the actualities of the enigmatic natural phenomena in the UVS worldview. However, under all possible renderings of their subliminally negated circumstances, the state of such enlightenments could be extremely hard to attain. Despite the paradoxical effect of the cosmos could be explicitly understood, under all possible forms of negations it could be extremely difficult to grasp or accept at all.

Under negated circumstances, when interpreting the actuality of a natural phenomenon as apparently observed, we could always be fooled by our hard-core beliefs[w], such as the belief of the mainstream endorsed scientific method[w] of the modern science[w].

See the UVS topics "Critical analysis of the scientific method on its intrinsic flaws" that elaborates on how we are being subliminally fooled by some deep-seated beliefs of modern science, "Logic and belief systems" that elaborates on the causalities from first principles that could lead to various forms of science delusion, and "The scientific revolution of the UVS research" that elucidates on where the mainstream endorsed scientific method renders science delusions.

What undoubtedly believed as the reality of an empirical observation could be a rendering of its cognitive paradox.

The paradoxical effect of the cosmos would always cause such natural phenomena to be counterintuitive for the subliminally obfuscated observers; the actualities for such natural phenomena are always obfuscated in delusions that would subliminally negate our perceptions to mislead us. Our awareness in the fixed mind sets of our hard-core beliefs are naturally focused to only perceive what we have subconsciously prepared to accept. Hence, we are always subconsciously misled by various forms of the manifested paradoxical effects rendered in all possible manners of observation delusions that are perceived in their subliminally negated circumstances.

As a result of our obscured perceptions and limitations in many aspects, the actualities of the subliminally negated natural phenomena are therefore not apparent to us. And thus we always have to examine ourselves by introspection[d]; the shortcomings and flaws are absolutely within us. Don't be stubborn with our beliefs, don't condition our thought to our beliefs on how the natural phenomena are happening, don't be outright denial with what being revealed to us are contradicting our beliefs, and most of all, don't let our ego[d] rule with our hard-core beliefs.

The hardest part is on dealing with our egocentric[d] perceptions that would hold us from truly letting go our hard-core beliefs, which would obstruct us from any opportunity at all for resolving the cognitive paradox of any paradoxically rendered natural phenomenon; our ego would negate our intuition to obscure us from being able to realize the cognitive paradoxes that are subliminally rendered in negated circumstances.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. - Albert Einstein

Such beliefs could only lead us to appraise any natural phenomenon with its confirmation bias[w], caused by how we have anticipated a preferred outcome that subconsciously satisfies our deep-seated[d] belief[w]. Thus, our perception would always end up regressing inside all possible forms of cognitive paradoxes to let us firmly believe all things known are already thoroughly investigated, fully covered, and correctly understood to the rank and file levels. And with such illusions of knowing that assert our beliefs, we would relentlessly fool ourselves in the delusions of these cognitive paradoxes.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. - Daniel Joseph Boorstin

Naturally, we all are cognitively negated fools.

When fathoming any natural phenomenon for its actuality, we must not fool ourselves.

Ironically, we must not be afraid of being fooled; we are fools fooling ourselves by afraid of being fooled after we are being subliminally fooled.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself -
- and you are the easiest person to fool.
- Richard Feynman

The more we think we know something, the least we would explore outside our hard-core beliefs for the ease in our comfort zone[w], and the more hindrance we would have with our arrogant when fathoming any natural phenomenon for its actuality.

Regardless of how much we think we know about the actuality of a natural phenomenon, we have to be humble so as to become hollowed out for its research groundwork, and accept the possibility that we could be fooled as a result of its subliminal negation. And to become truly humble for contemplating on the actualities of natural phenomena, it needs the humility to transcend our ego for their enlightenments. This prerequisitely requires us to recognize and know that the hindrances and shortcomings are within us, and honestly acknowledges that inherently we all are cognitively negated fools.

To fathom any natural phenomenon with the UVS model in its conceptual framework, all hard-core beliefs have to be put aside until we are hollowed out enough with no prejudice, so as to become receptive to the seemingly bizarre ideology[w] of the UVS cosmological model that is not in alignment with the mainsteam model. Thus, we would not outrightly reject its postulation[d] that contradicts our hard-core belief, and could therefore conceptually visualize to contemplate with its inspiration for what it is revealing.

Under all possible manners of subliminally negated circumstances, only by being hollowed out with a pure intention to know, we could then be inspired to transpire the actualities of the natural phenomena to become disillusioned[d] of our preconceptions[d].

This is no mean feat, and our ego needs to be vigilantly dealt with. This is especially so when we are trying to really let go any deep-seated belief in its disbelief while overcoming our egocentric perceptions. And consequently, we could undergo extreme traumatic mental experiences, such as become irrationally denial[d], psychologically stressed, emotionally depressed, or devastatingly anguished[d]; in cognitive dissonance[w] it could be very agonizing to face a total collapse of our hard-core beliefs.

See an externally linked topic on "How to Break out of Your Social Comfort Zone" that elaborates on some tips for breaking out of your comfort zone.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. - Albert Einstein

To resolve a paradoxically rendered natural phenomenon in the conceptual framework of UVS, its observation has to be brought to its transcendental perception with its underlying structure and mechanism conceptualized with the UVS model, so as to be able to cognitively visualize with its conceptual thinking[m] to comprehend it intuitively.

Work up imagination to the state of vision. - William Blake

In the contemplating process, have integrity, and be absolutely honest with ourselves on any finding. Without the slightest attachment to our thoughts on the finding, have perseverance, and stay focused. Put our beliefs aside so as to free our imagination, and surrender our rigid mind to our intuition. Do not expect anything but be opened to everything including the contradictions of our beliefs, and then let the imagination run, let it organize, and let it show.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Recapitulating with the example[uvs] that resolves the delusory observation of sunrise with its transcendental perception, it could be envisioned that for all the earthbound observers, the rotating spheroidal Earth is paradoxically rendering the relative motion illusion of a morning rising Sun in a delusory state.


This transcendental perception of a rotating Earth thus revealed the actuality of the sunrise with its envisionment[d], and therefore could elucidate the delusion of its apparent observation. Its induced insight thus intuitively enlightens on the subliminally negated circumstances that render the cognitive paradox of the apparently rising Sun.

The transcendental perception for sunrise.

By inducing the transcendental perceptions to reveal the actualities of
the observed natural phenomena, the enlightenments could inspire
the insights that elucidate their observational delusions.
- UVS inspired -

When the perception of a paradoxically rendered natural phenomenon in its transcendental visualization is coherently organized and vividly visualized with the conceptual framework of UVS, we could be unexpectedly enlightened by its inspired intuition that reveals its actuality. This could elucidate its delusion for resolving its natural cognitive paradox, and thus transpires for solving the misconception, mystery, or anomaly of its apparent observation.

By realizing the paradoxical effect of the cosmos on how it could subliminally negate in a typical obfuscated manner, the visual inductive resolutions of the UVS research thus intuitively enlighten to reveal the actualities of the paradoxically rendered natural phenomena. And with the conceived hypothetical constructs that are coherently construed with the UVS model, the induced insights thus efficaciously elucidate the observational delusions with the transcendental perspectivism of the UVS conceptual framework.

See the UVS topics on “Philosophical inspirations of UVS for the excerpts of some all-encompassing sculptural ideas that were inspired in the UVS worldview, and "Allegory of a flat Earth event" that elaborates with an analogy for how the flat Earth delusion could paradoxically cause the absolute conflicts with its two polarized perspectives, and how these conflicts could be visually resolved in the transcendental perspectives of its empirical observations.



A duology of science and enlightenment: 

  • Science without enlightenment renders hypotheses for pragmatism with the naturally obfuscated perceptions of natural phenomena in the delusions of subjective realities.
  • Science with enlightenment renders revelations for actualism with the transcendental perceptions of natural phenomena in the realism of the objective reality.

- UVS inspired -





~ With special thanks to Martin Luenendonk for sharing his article on "How to Break out of Your Social Comfort Zone". And the phrase "we must not be afraid of being fooled" used in this web page, was due to his article at section #2 on "Do not be afraid to make a fool of yourself".



Some resonated remarks received that are relevant to the UVS topic on "The paradoxical effect of the cosmos":

“I would think that every physicist, astronomer, cosmologist, and chemist would shout HALLELUJAH! when coming upon your comprehensive and compelling work of the UVS treatise! (11th May 2021)
- Dr. Kevin Dann, historian and naturalist, the author of 13 books, including Enchanted New York; The Road to Walden; Expect Great Things: The Life and Search of Henry David Thoreau; Bright Colors Falsely Seen: Synaesthesia and the Search for Transcendental Knowledge; Across the Great Border Fault: The Naturalist Myth in America; and Lewis Creek Lost and Found. He has taught at Rutgers University, University of Vermont, and the State University of New York.

“I know eventually, many will come to see and appreciate, the value of your work. (16th Aug 2020) / Love your work, it has been inspirational as well as foundational to me.” (26th Sep 2020)
- Gordon Rutherford, research in extending Milankovitch cycles studies and working on his PhD thesis, whom had developed a software magnetometer analytical tool composed of more than 11 million formulas to analyse and predict geology events on Earth in the field of astro-seismology.

“Your work is really amazing.”/ It's raining enlightenment! (18th Dec 2017)
- Dr. Rosa Hilda Compagnucci, a climatologist accredited to the Nobel Peace Prize bestowed on the IPCC in 2007, PhD degree in Meteorological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires; UBA · Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences. Co-authored paper on "Dynamical characterization of the last prolonged solar minima", which elaborates with quantitative analysis on an imminent Grand Minimum.

Cognitive paradoxes are events whose subjective reality is overwhelming. (20 Aug 2015)
- Neil Vodavzny

“With great admiration. (3rd June 2014)
Dr. Vuthipong Priebjrivat, B.S. in civil engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. in environmental engineering from Stanford University, Ph.D. in economics and public management from the University of Chicago, metaphysicist, corporate leader, law maker, and author of several books such as "DRAW YOUR THOUGHTS" that elaborates and illustrates a peculiar type of analytical method, "DHARMODYNAMICS", "NEODHARMA", "DHARMOSCIENCE", "SANKHARA" that coherently elaborate with "draw your thoughts" on some intrinsic structures for nature of reality in its transcendental perspectivism.
A picture on some of these books.

UVS is a paradox that will bring another paradigm shift...A giant step toward TOE. (8th Aug 2012)
- James A. Graber (aka Jag of TOEQuest Forum) with twenty-eight years into vortex research.
* Paradox also refers to a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but expresses a truth.

Without a doubt, someday your theory will be the way of science! (23rd July 2012)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum)

An intriguing website full of enlightening concepts and analyses! (Dec 2009)
Dr. Wayne Nowland, physicist, researcher, philosopher & author of Interdimensional Science & Philosophy, planned and launched Australia's first AUSSAT communications satellite system.

Vincent, I am convinced that UVS would give satisfactory answers to most of the mysteries... (20th Sep 2008)
- Dipayan Kar (aka dipayankar of TOEQuest Forum).

Objectively speaking, even in its present mostly qualitative form, UVS makes a significant contribution to the discovery of spiral nature of the universe. No person holds a complete truth about the nature of the universe, and UVS brings attention of scientists to an interesting path of solving this very challenging problem.
With great respect, Vladimir.(28th Jun 2009)
- Dr. Vladimir B. Ginzburg, mathematician, accomplished material scientist, author of "Prime Elements of Ordinary Matter, Dark Matter & Dark Energy", "Spiral Grain of the Universe" and several other renowned books such as "Metallurgical Design of Flat Rolled Steels" for applied science, and holds over fifty U.S. and foreign patents.

Vincent I think I finally got you; the whole universe is twisted! (2008)
- Graham Burnett (aka G_burnett of TOEQuest Forum).

OH boyohboyohboy ... Consciousness of natural event, paradoxical from the beginning, paradoxical from reasoning, paradoxical from rationalization, paradoxical from depiction, and on and on the paradoxes go .... even when we say consciousness ends the paradox is it does not, so there will be then ... what? Paradoxes for it all? (2008)
- Graham Burnett (aka G_burnett of TOEQuest Forum)

I am studying very hard right now on the many aspects of the vortex. It is amazing how many endless paths it takes me down. When I am in wikipedia, I find myself many times over clicking 6 pages deep just to read one sentence that I started in the first page. I have read most of this knowledge before, but I find with the "Universal Vortical Singularity" at the forefront of my mind, it is like reading it for the first time with all new ways of seeing it. Its like being a kid in a candy store once again. (13th April 2008)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum)

It is funny how I did not see it before, the out right dominance of the Vortex phenomena. All the endless studying I have done on so many subjects to do with science, and the best I could see was, spin. Now I see vortices in every thing I see. Its amazing how one can miss something so important. It is great to once again see the workings of the Universe with new eyes.(10th Apr 2008)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

“Hi Vincent, I have been reading posts in forums like this one since forums began, and you are the first poster to spark my imagination again, and I like to thank you for this. (31st Mar 2008)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).



The quality or state of being actual or real.
The act or process of knowing; perception. The product of such a process; something thus known, perceived, etc.
cognitive paradox
A contradicting perception in the cognition for its perceived actuality.
The action of deluding or the state of being deluded.
Give greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.
Full comprehension of a situation with clarity of perception.
To penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand.
first principle
The first basis from which a thing is known.
vortical hypersphere
A hypersphere formed with intrinsic vortical motion.
Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts.
inductive analysis
A form of analysis based on inductive reasoning; a researcher using inductive analysis starts with answers, but forms questions throughout the research process.
natural phenomenon
A natural phenomenon is a non-artificial event in the physical sense, and therefore not produced by humans, although it may affect humans.
A state of existence beyond perceivable bandwidth therefore renders as nothing in the perceived state; the state of being nothing.
observable universe
The observable segment of the universe.
A set of forms all of which contain a particular element, esp. the set of all inflected forms based on a single stem or theme.
Any thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature with false proposition.
paradoxical effect
The effects of a cognitive paradox that is rendered in its state of delusion to persistently fool us in a perception with its cognitive fallacy.
To put forward as the factual basis for an argument.
To assume the truth, reality, or necessity of, as a basis of an argument.
The act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones; the point in a literary work at which the complication is worked out.
Something revealed or disclosed, especially a striking disclosure, as of something not before realized.
A peculiarity, a unique quality, a state of being singular. Note: The term singularity in the UVS treatise is a very generic reference to a class of existence.
A geometrical figure similar in shape to a sphere, such as an ellipsoid.
subjective reality
In this context, it refers to the postulated reality that is subjected to the posits of a theory for construing the objective reality.
Existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness or perception.
The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm. It is beyond the defined observable universe.
vortical singularity
A four-dimensional spheroidal culmination of aether with vortical motion that unisonally spawns its resonated nested vortical fractals in its vortical paradigm. 


Image and animation credits:
Animation of sunrise - Recep Bulat
Animated transformation of torus - By Lucas Vieira; Wiki Common
A sketch of unisonal vortex - Vincent Wee-Foo
Lightning bolts animation - Source: Linx Singapore
Animated transcendental perception for sunrise - Vincent Wee-Foo


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