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In the UVS worldview, the entire structure of the observable universe throughout macrocosms and microcosms, is a nested spheroidal vortical formation of aether in a paradigm of torus-shaped spheroidal unisonal vortex.

Note: This physical cosmology abstract is a conceptual framework for the UVS research, it is a platform for invoking abductive reasoning from its perspective to analyze the hypothetical constructs of UVS with their postulated underlying structures and mechanisms.

The observable universe is a vortical singularity! - UVS inspired -

Heuristically, the observable universe is vortically formed in the closed system of a vortical universe as an aetheric vortical hypersphere system of 137 nested 3-spheres; the observable universe is in a torus-shaped nested hypersphere structure formed by aether vortical motion.

The vortical universe with the precession effects in its grand vortical motion, harmonically spawns elementary particles that are vortically impelled and resonated in an all-pervasive medium of aether. In the grand vortical motion, the elementary particles that inherit the forms and characteristics of the hypersphere system in the vortical universe, are thus vortically coalesced as subatomic and atomic particles in their nested vortical structures.

In the harmonics of the nested spheroidal unisonal vortex that encapsulates the observable universe, all sorts of compound that are vortically coalesced from atomic particles in the microcosms, are thus resonated in the macrocosms to vortically form and transform as a unisonal system of planetary systems, star systems, globular clusters, satellite galaxies, galaxies, galaxy group, galaxy clusters, and superclusters.

The structure of the observable universe is a nested spheroidal vortical formation that has formed and transformed in a paradigm of torus-shaped spheroidal unisonal vortex.

A spheroidal vortex.

A nested torus-shaped
hypersphere structure.

No physical structure is not vortical in nature.

Note: This conceptual framework broadly facilities as an analytical platform for its grounded theory research method that generalizes on how the entire structure of the observable universe throughout macrocosms and microcosms, are interacting in a unisonal vortical motion in its closed system of a nested hypersphere structure.

For example, from the UVS perspective, with inductive reasoning in a hypothetical construct of UVS that all celestial objects moving through space in a planetary system, are encapsulated in their nested spheroidal vortices, and are impelled by a larger nested spheroidal vortex in the vortical system of its galaxy. And by abductive reasoning in this conceptual framework for its empirical observations, it elucidates that all the celestial objects are vortically coalesced by the matters in their planetary system, and are externally impelled by their galactic spheroidal vortex to move through space in their resonated vortical motions.

CMB dipole
Vortical motion
of the universe

Structure of atom

A cluster of
spheroidal vortices

Star formation
The effects of a
vortical system

Globular cluster
Transformed by a
dissipated vortex

Structure of galaxy
A substructure of
spheroidal vortex

Galaxy group

Formed in a nested
spheroidal vortex

Galaxy cluster

The effects of a
spheroidal vortex

See the UVS topics on "The structure of atom", "The CMB dipole","The formation of stars and galaxies", "Unisonal evolution mechanism", "The predications of the UVS research", "The revolutionary discoveries of UVS", and "Overviews of the UVS research" for more insights and further elaborations.


The structure of the observable universe is a nested spheroidal vortical formation that has
formed and transformed in a paradigm of torus-shaped spheroidal unisonal vortex
- UVS inspired

Vortically formed aether corpuscles in resonance of aether vortical motion in the vortical universe, vortically manifest subatomic particles, which vortically coalesce as hydrogen atoms, which then vortically consolidate as all types of heavier atoms, and thus vortically bond as all sorts of chemical compound. - UVS inspired -

With the visualizations on the underlying structures and mechanisms of natural phenomena,
these intuitively induce the resolutions for the revelations on their actualities.
- UVS inspired -




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Animated artist impression of a spheroidal quantum vortex - Courtesy of Thomas Seifert by email
Image of a conceptual vortical universe - Vincent Wee-Foo
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Image of star HL Tau - Credit: Greaves, Richards, Rice & Muxlow 2008
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Images of galaxy cluster - NASA, ESA, M.J. Jee and H. Ford (JHU)
Diagram for the UVS atomic model with a nested dual-core electron shell - By Vincent Wee-Foo
Image of CMB dipole - Astronomy Picture of the Day, NASA





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