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Genesis of the cosmos - The unisonal vortical motion of the cosmos

As a metaphysics[w] abstract[w] of the UVS treatise on naturalistic[w] cosmogony[w], this is a philosophical theory of everything[w] that attempts to explicate on the nature of reality[w].

In its postulated vortical paradigm, it could be perceived as an ultimate and all-encompassing explanation for the ontology[w] of the objective reality[m], and how all things in the cosmos[w] throughout the macrocosms[d] and the microcosms[d] could vortically emerge to physically exist.

In the beginning of the universe[w], there IS this aetheric eternal light that infinitely transcends space, this infinite eternal light that is all-pervasive also transcends time; the eternal light is omnipresent in the domain of the objective reality.

Note: The verb "was" is not applicable in a timeless realm, thus the verb "IS" in full capital was used instead. So instead of the phrase "At the beginning", "In the beginning" was its deliberation.

This is a concept[w] hypothesized with the UVS model, which depicts unisonal vortex that forms in a nested vortical hypersphere.

At a vortical resonant of the universe, the superluminal harmonics of the eternal light conceive the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos[uvs] in a delimited bandwidth with a unisonal vortical motion of aether[w], and thus renders it perceivable in its physical framework of the objective reality.

See the UVS topics on "Unisonal evolution mechanism" and "The structure of the observable universe" that illustrate a unisonal vortical hypersphere paradigm of nature.

An illustration of
a unisonal vortex.

The all-pervasive superluminal harmonics of the eternal light is beyond the delimited bandwidth of physical existences, it therefore is invisible and undetectable in the cosmic hypersphere.

In a vortical paradigm, its physical domain[d] with a unisonal vortical motion manifested in the three-spatial dimensions[w] of absolute space, intrinsically begets everything in the macrocosms and the microcosms to vortically emerge, exist, and evolve in the temporal dimension of time[w]. As thus, the multidimensional[d] cosmic hypersphere subliminally renders the framework and perceptibility[d] in the domain of the objective reality.

With the resonants of the unisonal vortical motion harmonizing in the aetheric medium, the cosmic hypersphere vortically coalesces the vortically emerged matters[w] as all form of celestial objects in its apparent nothingness of vast physical space.

In the UVS worldview, the observable universe[w] in the cosmos is manifested in the closed system[w] of a nested vortical hypersphere, and this proposition is substantiated with the empirical observations of natural phenomena[uvs] that are ubiquitously[d] demonstrated throughout the macrocosms and the microcosms.

The CMB dipole
Vortical motion
of the cosmos

Galaxy cluster
The vortical effects
of a hypersphere

Galaxy group

Formed in a nested
vortical hypersphere

Globular cluster

Transformed by a
dissipated vortex

Star formation
Formed in a
vortical system

A vortical

Structure of atom
A vortical cluster of
nested hyperspheres

All physical existences are weaved in vortical motion;
nothing physical is not vortical.
- UVS inspired -

See the UVS topics on "The CMB dipole", "The structure of atom", and "The evolution of stars and galaxies" that illustrate on vortical structures in the macrocosms and the microcosms.

From the UVS perspective, the cosmos in absolute space and time[w] could be perceived as a vortical hypersphere of 137 nested 3-spheres[uvs].

This cosmic hypersphere[w] of a nested torus[w] harmonically formed its 137 cosmic spinor fields with its vortically weaved nested cosmic shells and their nested cosmic subshells, and thus vortically renders the fine-structure constant[w] in its intrinsically manifested elementary particles[w].

This four-dimensional structure of the nested hypersphere system of the cosmos with all its harmonically spawned nested vortical hyperspheres, are energetically manifested and impelled by the aether vortical motion[uvs] that forms the cosmos.

Aether vortical motion is the underlying principle of the objective reality.

In the four-dimensional space[w] of a 3-sphere[w] hypersphere system, it could render the perception of an infinite three spatial dimensions of absolute space in the objective reality of the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos.

Absolute time[m] in the three-spatial dimensions of absolute space, is merely a concept that transcends all physical locations in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos. And thus in the physical aspect, it has the characteristics of eternity, infinity, and infinitesimality.

Time has never begun, neither would it end, there is no smallest limit of
the shortest moment nor is there a finite limit of the longest period.
- UVS inspired -

The electromagnetic vortical harmonics with magnetic reconnections[w] in the vortical hypersphere of 137 nested 3-spheres, vortically weaves nested bipolar plasmoids[w] in the macrocosms and the microcosms with dynamically resonated vortical singularities[g] that subliminally exist everywhere in the conceived nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos.

In the balanced synergetic that vortically create matter from an aetheric entity, everything
physical in the cosmos unisonally evolves in a paradigm of vortical singularity.
- UVS inspired -

In the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos, a perpetual vortical motion[uvs] from its open system[w] transferred into the all-pervasive aetheric field, is resonated in its inviscid[d] medium to manifest as quantized aether corpuscles[uvs] in the form of nested vortical hyperspheres, and it evolutes[w] to weave vortexes in various forms of resonated vortexes.

The dynamics of Evolution are, Vortexes becoming Vortexes of Vortexes. - Allen Barrow inspired by UVS

In the UVS worldview, the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos impelled by aether vortical motion[uvs] from an open system, is manifested in the closed system[w] of a perfect universal cellular clockwork machine of unisonal vortex mechanism[uvs] with its gears governed by the laws of physics[w], and it is therefore conformed to the conservation of energy[w] in its nested vortical encapsulation. The vortical motion of aether manifests the phenomenon of energy in the closed system of the vortical encapsulation, energy therefore cannot be created or destroyed in the steady state[w] nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos. And in its resonated vortical motions, these beget all transient existences.

Aether vortical motion entails the omnipotent physical law of the cosmos. - UVS inspired -

Despite vortical motion is not any sort of physical existence at all, the universe with an underlying vortical motion in a grand-scale transcendental state that is beyond our observational bandwidths, weaves and sustains the existence of the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos; the vortical motion in an open system of apparent nothingness causes the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos to persistently exist in its closed system with a vortically induced perpetual unisonal motion.

Take motion away and there would not be even the appearance of substance. - Walter Russell

With the potential of vortical motion from an apparent nothingness of non-material existence that paradoxically transferred from the open system, all physical existences are vortically weaved and delimited in a closed system to emerge in the all-pervasive inviscid medium with the perpetual vortical motion. And thus, all these existences with physical limits, are therefore inherited with the vortical hypersphere characteristics of infinities and infinitesimalities.

Whatever has come into existence, must also pass away with necessity.
Is it true to say, then, that there is nothing infinite in this world?

- Anaximander, "Father of cosmology", "The first true scientist".

The harmonics of infinitely dilated vortical motion, with varying degrees of freedom in the inviscid aetheric medium of the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos, resonate in a top-down manner to manifest the ever smallest physical forms possible with the vortical motions that consolidate toward infinitesimalities. This freedom of vortical motions in the inviscid aetheric medium respond to the law of conservation of energy, therefore are intrinsically counteracted by the vortical systems resonated in their nested closed systems. And thus the vortically resonated physical forms of the microcosms, subjected to their physical laws in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos, will orderly coalesce in a bottom-up manner for the formations of the ever largest nested vortical structures that could be physically possible in the cosmos[w].

As a matter of fact, space is almost filled with the electromagnetic field of cosmic microwave background[w] radiation.

From the UVS perspective, all steady-state physical structures are held stable by the unisonal vortical motion of an all-pervasive inviscid medium, and are condensed with electromagnetic fields of various wavelengths that propagate at the speed of light.

All steady-state physical structures are vortically consolidated, and are held stable by a unisonal vortical motion.

Aether vortical motion with the vitality of consolidating centripetal motion renders
the orders for any physical existence, and its manifested vortrex with conserved energy
in distributing centrifugal motion, renders the chaos for it to evolve.
- UVS inspired -

Note: The electromagnetic field is categorically not a physical object, yet this masslessness phenomenon of nothingness could exert physical pressure on physical objects in its path; this is an example of a natural phenomenon of material nothingness that is a physically discernible something in nature. See externally linked topics on "Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest", "Baryon number" that infers some particles are apparently nonexistence when their baryon number is zero, "Gauge invariant" that elaborates on different configurations of underlying fields that are not themselves directly observable but result in identical observable quantities, "Electromagnetic spectrum" and "Electromagnetic radiation" that elaborate on how energy and momentum in the electromagnetic field could interact with matter.

Heuristically[w], the emergence of all physical structures, are fundamentally formed by the universal mechanism of unisonal vortex in a unisonal vortical motion of the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos.

The manifestations of physical structures with their resonated vortical motions are intrinsically topsy-turvy[d] in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos[uvs], and thus in the objective reality, the entire observable universe is subliminally paradoxical.

From the UVS perspective, all material structures of organic life forms are differentially impelled to form in the paradox of potential conserved by the perpetual vortical motion of the aetheric medium. And in the circumstances of observational limitations, this all-pervasive medium could be perceived as an entity of nothingness with a vortical motion that transitory begets all physical existences.

Paradox of Potential popped Aware. - Allen Barrow

The attributes of awareness for any life form, are conceived in this paradox of potential in the paradoxical material phase of its resonated aether vortical motion[uvs], which thus forms and renders the cognitions for the awareness of all life forms.

The cognitive functions that had evolved to work for the observer's awareness in his localized circumstances for pragmatic purposes in his environment, are naturally negated from the transcendental perspectives, and thus would cause all forms of delusion.

In the localized perceptions of the observer with all kinds of natural cognitive paradox[g] that are subliminally caused by the paradoxical effect of the cosmos[uvs], the entire observable universe is therefore naturally paradoxical to its paradoxically conceived observers.

The 'paradox' is only a conflict between reality
and your feeling of what reality 'ought to be.'
- Richard Feynman.

Consequently, the omnipresent eternal light in its all-pervasive inviscid medium, is negated from the perceptions of the physically formed observers. The omnipresent eternal light is everywhere, but it cannot be seen anywhere. And in all possibilities, the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos could therefore naturally render all kinds of cognitive paradox to subliminally negate the observations of natural phenomena.

In the observable universe, the nothingness of space is an intrinsic attribute of nature,
and it is a prerequisite for any physical entity to inherently exist.
- UVS inspired -

All physical objects inherently have to exist in space, which physically is a nothingness. And all the star systems with their planetary systems within the vortical system of a galaxy follow the laws and orders of its vortical gravitational singularity[uvs], which is a virtual barycenter, and this is also a nothingness in the objective reality. Yet this nothingness can manifest a supermassive black hole[uvs] phenomenon, which is another type of nothingness that is apparently void of any physical thing, but this can physically shred and then devour a star[m] if one has moved too near. And evidently, the shredded star stuff could apparently vanish into this nothingness.

See a UVS paper on "The UVS case study on barycentric drivers of the solar cycle" that illustrates how the nothingness entities of the Solar System barycenters were modulating the past solar cycles.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more
progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.
- Nikola Tesla

All physical objects are ruled by the motions of their resonated vortical singularities.

From the UVS perspective, light could not escape the gravity of a black hole[uvs], infers the carriers of light wave have the property of mass, and thus they could be interacted. Although light wave propagating in the aether corpuscles of light (the quantas of luminiferous aether) is weightless like the sound wave, these aether corpuscles of light are being vortically displaced in the black hole, light thus could not escape or illuminate in a black hole. The empirically observed temperature of a rotating black hole[w] is almost absolute zero, asserts black hole is void of aether corpuscles.

The surface of the supermassive black hole should be a cold blazing source of superluminal light that is extremely brilliant throughout the galaxy, but beyond instrumental bandwidth in the objective reality, it is undetectable and therefore not directly observable at all. Visible light is merely the radiation of the electromagnetic field in the optically visible bandwidth, and the night sky is entirely filled with the radiations of the electromagnetic field manifested from the harmonics of the superluminal light.

It is obvious that all physical objects in the universe are relentlessly ruled by all forms of nothingness, which are not physical objects at all in the objective reality. Despite these discernable entities of nothingness are apparently immaterial in the objective reality, they underlie in all matters for them to physically exist, and these beget all kinds of natural duality[d] in the objective reality.

All existences are zero-sum manifestations in the countervail[d] dichotomies[d] of aether vortical motion[uvs].

In the UVS worldview, with the energy transferred from the manifested aether vortical motion in the vortical hypersphere of 137 nested 3-spheres, all matters are thus vortically resonated to form their physical structures.

All matters are vortically coalesced as physical structures by resonated electromagnetic fields of different wavelength with intrinsic energy conserved in the hyperspheres of their two axis-spins; the intrinsic energy in matters are conserved by kinetic energy (½mv²) with resonated electromagnetic fields to two axis-spins that propagate at the speed of light (c) in all directions.

From the aetheric perspective, this intrinsic two axis-spin of aether corpuscles spinning at the speed of light on each of the two axes, could intuitivelys elucidate the causality and origin for the mass-energy equivalence[w] of matter.

A spheroid with
two rotational axes

The energy that manifests the vortically resonated mass effect of matter, is rendered by the kinetic energy of matter in its intrinsic two axis-spin at the speed of light in each of the two axes, which is transferred from the aether vortical motion of the cosmos in its two-axis spin; E = ½mv² + ½mv² = mc², where m is mass, v is velocity, c is speed of light, and v equals to c.

This quantifiable mass of matter (m = E/c²) with their physical properties manifested from the nothingness of nonmaterial existence, infers that any existing object in the objective reality is merely a manifestation of aether vortical motion with its primary two-axis spin at the speed of light.

See an externally linked topic on "Scientists work out how create matter from light, to finally prove Einstein’s E=mc2".

See the UVS topics on "The conceptualized framework of nature", "Qualitative evaluation on time dilation", and "Faster than light speed in transferring of motion through vortical interconnectedness". See also an externally linked topic on "Maya (illusion)".

Time is an illusion. - Albert Einstein

The distinction between the past, present and future
is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
- Albert Einstein

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

Physical objects that have vortically coalesced to exist by electromagnetic fields of different wavelengths, are analogous to ideas of nature. Although objects are solidly real in one bandwidth of electromagnetic field, they can be a hollow state in another bandwidth. Some illustrations for this, are light
[w] can pass through a clear diamond or clear glass, but cannot pass through an opaque objects. And electromagnetic field at a specific wavelength, can radiate through optically opaque solid wall and other physical forms that their state of matter are relatively hollow, yet it could not pass through an optically clear glass.

The objective reality we are being conceived in, can be perceived as a persistence illusion from a transcendental perception; all states of matter and all physical structures are withheld vortically by electromagnetic interactions in different wavelengths.

Objective reality is merely a persistent illusion of vortical motion in the eternal now.

In a state of nothingness beyond the observable bandwidth in the realm of the delimited cosmos, the underlying eternal light renders the undulating harmonics of vortical motion to manifest the transitory three-dimensional objective reality.

All matters and existences are harmonical compositions of vortically condensed light.

Everything is vortically made of light!

All matters are vortically coalesced as physical structures by the orthogonal two-axis spin of
aether vortical motion manifested in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos.
- UVS inspired -

Objective reality is merely a conceptualized framework of nature. - UVS inspired -

Objective reality is merely a persistent illusion of vortical motion in the eternal now. - UVS inspired -

Mother nature is a great illusionist! - UVS inspired -



~ With special thanks to Allen Barrow for sharing his insight on: The "Vortex" is strictly a "mechanism" that is an "Ideal" in nature, and not a substance.

~ With credit to Allen Barrow for his insight that a form such as a vortex that human perceive it to be physically real, is merely an idea in nature, is formed by fictitious force interactions as a "something of nothing". Excerpt: "If you walk into any of the many vortices that we see everyday and scoop into the effect with a test tube, you will not find any something that can be seen or studied that could be called a vortex particle. Yet we can see with our own eyes, the effect the vortex has on the material, that becomes involved as both the cause and effect, of this something that (apparently) is a nothing (Paradoxical Vortex)."



Some resonated remarks received that are relevant to Universal Vortical Singularity (aka UVS) on "Genesis of the cosmos":

The objective universe, even if it's in one sense "true", is still fake. ( 20 Aug 2015)
Neil Vodavzny.

“With great admiration. (3rd June 2014)
Dr. Vuthipong Priebjrivat, B.S. in civil engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S. in environmental engineering from Stanford University, Ph.D. in economics and public management from the University of Chicago, metaphysicist, corporate leader, law maker, and author of several books such as "DRAW YOUR THOUGHTS" that elaborates and illustrates a peculiar type of analytical method, "DHARMODYNAMICS", "NEODHARMA", "DHARMOSCIENCE", "SANKHARA" that coherently elaborate with "draw your thoughts" on some intrinsic structures for nature of reality in its transcendental perspectivism.
A picture on some of these books.

Aether based vortical motion construed (twisted) into what we call reality (30th Aug 2012)
- SB_UK of TOEQuest Forum inspired by UVS.

The Universe is Paradoxical to the Human Perception! (18th Aug 2012)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

“UVS is a paradox that will bring another paradigm shift...A giant step toward TOE.
- James A. Graber (aka Jag of TOEQuest Forum) with twenty-eight years into vortex research, 8th Aug 2012.

* Paradox also refers to a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but expresses a truth.

In the Beginning of Space and Time, by an Act of Freedom, the Eternal Light Resonates into Vortical Being. (8th Jul 2011)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum) and Vincent Wee-Foo.

Awareness has nothing to do with Religion, Religion has everything to do with Awareness. (7th Jul 2011)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

The Eternal Light(Real) by an Act of Freedom(Motion) is Space and Time(Reality).”, Just as almost all Religious, Transcendentalism, and Atheist can not see the difference between Real and Reality, how can one expect them to see UVS and All its Glory. (6th Jul 2011)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum)

The Eternal Light is Real, and has the three fundamentals of Potential, Infinity, and Eternity. An Act of Freedom in Motion sets the Eternal Light into Centers of Form. We witness this Perpetual Act of Freedom as Space and Time, and call it Reality. (5th Jul 2011)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum),

The "Eternal Light" IS, always has been, and always will be just as it IS. All the "Eternal Light" needed was, an "Act of Freedom" to create the centers of Form which we call Reality. (5th Jul 2011)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

I personally thank you Vincent for the awakening you have given me with your theory. The awakening you have given me Vincent, is that there is only one thing that is Real, and Real is in Motion. We call the observed Actions of this Motion, Reality. (2nd Jul 2011)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

“The UNIVERSAL VORTICAL SINGULARITY is the best cosmological model available today to explain the Universe.” (23th March 2011)
- Pat Nolan, blog writer of “Holographic Superfluid Universe”.

I can hardly wait for you to enlighten the world to a new way of seeing the dynamics of Reality. (17th Oct 2010)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

I once again thank you for being the one that pushed me over the edge from the realm of "Substance", to the realm of "Motion". Studying all the religions, Sciences of Mind , and Sciences of Substance, could not do it for me. Instead it took your theory of the "Vortex" to enlighten me to the fact that it is a, "NON-Substance Something", that is the creator of "Form" and thus, the Universe. (16th Feb 2010)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).

The dynamics of Evolution are, Vortexes becoming Vortexes of Vortexes. (25th Aug 2009)
- Allen Barrow (aka PoPpAScience of TOEQuest Forum).



The understanding and trying to make sense of the world.
cognitive paradox
A category of paradox with illusions that are pertaining to perception or awareness, such as with relative motion illusion, optical illusion, tactile illusion and the likes.
The action of deluding or the state of being deluded.
Division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs; division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups.
To give intellectual light; impart knowledge to; to shed light upon.
An origin, creation, or beginning.
vortical hypersphere
A hypersphere formed with intrinsic vortical motion.
The manifold of infinitesimality; manifold of decreases to indefinitely small that are immeasurable.
The manifold of infinity; manifold of increases without bound.
natural negation
A naturally rendered contradiction that is counterintuitive.
natural phenomenon
A natural phenomenon is a non-artificial event in the physical sense, and therefore not produced by humans, although it may affect humans.
A state of existence beyond perceivable bandwidth therefore renders as nothing in the perceived state; the state of being nothing.
Any thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature with false proposition.
The region, sphere, or domain within which anything occurs, prevails, or dominates: the realm of dreams.
A peculiarity, a unique quality, a state of being singular. Note: The term singularity in the UVS treatise is a very generic reference to a class of existence.
A geometrical figure similar in shape to a sphere, such as an ellipsoid.
Working together; cooperative.
The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space; the cosmos; macrocosm. It is beyond the defined observable universe.
Having the property of viscosity; sticky.
vortical singularity
A four-dimensional spheroidal culmination of aether with vortical motion that unisonally spawns its resonated nested vortical fractals in its vortical paradigm. 


Image and animation credits:
Image of The CMB dipole - Astronomy Picture of the Day, NASA
Images of galaxy cluster - NASA, ESA, M.J. Jee and H. Ford (JHU)
Image of Bode's galaxy M81- NASA
Image of globular cluster - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Image of star HL Tau - Credit: Greaves, Richards, Rice & Muxlow 2008
Image of heliosphere - NASA
Diagram for the UVS atomic model with a nested dual-core electron shell - By Vincent Wee-Foo
Image of a two-axis rotating spheroid - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Note: This philosophical theory of everything (TOE) for naturalistic cosmogony, is a conceptual basis of its metaphysical point of view. Despite the unobservable phenomena are explicable and discernable with supportive empirical evidence, there has been no means to objectively prove their ontological propositions with what are beyond the limits of instrumental measurement capability. Nonetheless, this philosophical TOE consistent with the UVS model is for elucidating a missing premise for the causality of the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos, it explicates on how the objective reality come about into existence at the first place and subsequently its aroused self-awareness. And with loads of compelling evidence, it coherently provides the insights for the genesis of the cosmos in the UVS worldview.



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