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The UVS worldview is a collective generalization of a unisonal vortical system. It collectively generalizes with the UVS model on how its vortical mechanism, subliminally underlies and interacts in the macrocosms and the microcosms of the entire observable universe.

The UVS worldview augments its theory of everything with the collective syntheses of the UVS hypotheses, and it is a perspectivism developed with the ongoing UVS research in its systematical positive feedback loop.

From the UVS perspective, the unisonal vortex mechanism of the unisonal vortical system in the vortical universe, weaves unisonal vortices from macrocosms to microcosms in an aether vortical motion.

The mechanism vortically quantizes viscous matters to particulate in a nested encapsulation of spheroidal unisonal vortex, and then vortically coalesce them as discrete structures that are vortically transformed and formed at all scale levels.

The structure of the observable universe in absolute space and time, is a nested spheroidal vortical formation of aether in a paradigm of torus-shaped nested vortical hypersphere, which has had homogeneously interweaved as a vortical oneness

An illustration for the unisonal vortex paradigm with nested vortex formations of cyclones and anti-cyclones. The animations are simple illustrations for the spinning motions of vortical fractals.

All physical existences are weaved in vortical motion; nothing physical is not vortical.

The vortical motion of an all-pervasive aetheric medium in a nested spheroidal encapsulation, manifests all sorts of discrete matters to emerge and exist.

The cosmic evolution of the observable universe from cosmic levels to subatomic levels, is evolved from an underlying entity of apparent nothingness with aether vortical motion, which begets all physical structures in the paradigm of universal vortical singularity.

See the UVS topics on "Unisonal evolution mechanism", "The formation of stars and galaxies", "The structure of atom", "The predications of the UVS research", and "The inspirations of Universal Vortical Singularity" for more insights and further elaboration.

The COBE temperature map of the CMB dipole, is an empirical evidence for the observable universe is in a toroidal structure that spins with vortical motion.

With visual thinking, the observable universe can be visualized to be encapsulated in a steady-state toroidal structure that spins with precession effects. It can thus be perceived that Earth vortically carried by Sun, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster and so forth, moves in vortical motions within this nested toroidal structure.

From the UVS perspective, all spheroidal unisonal vortices of the cosmos are resonated manifestations of a nested spheroidal unisonal vortex in its closed system, which is persistently impelled by the aether vortical motion of a vortical universe in its open system.

Impelled by the vortical motion of an almost all-pervasive aetheric medium in its non-material phase, and encapsulated in a wobbling nested toroidal structure with spheroidal pushed-in vortical repulsive effect, in its torque-free precession that renders a perpetual vortical motion from a top-down nested vortical formation, it weaves nested spheroidal unisonal vortices from this macrocosm towards its microcosms.

The harmonics of an infinitely dilated vortical motion interacting in the closed systems of an inviscid aetheric medium in its material phase, resonate in a top-down manner to manifest the smallest physical structures as quantized matters with the torque-induced precession that are transferred from a vortical motion of the vortical universe. And thus the vortically spawned elementary particles with their vortical motions manifested in the microcosms, orderly coalesce in a bottom-up inverse manner for the formations of the ever larger nested vortical structures in the macrocosms.

This underlying vortical process forms all sorts of vortically transformed celestial objects in a topsy-turvy manner with the transferred motion of the vortical universe, it thus renders the paradoxical effect of nature in the observable universe.

CMB dipole

A torus-shaped
nested spheroid

A top view of a
spheroidal vortex.

A transforming
torus structure.

Note: Electromagnetic field is categorically not a physical object, yet this masslessness phenomenon of nothingness could exert physical pressure on physical objects in its path; this is an example of a natural phenomenon of nothingness that is a physically discernible something in nature. See externally linked topics on "Making Something From Nothing" that elaborates on how particles and anti-particles could be created, "Baryon number" that infers some particles are apparently nonexistence when their baryon number is zero, "Gauge invariant" that elaborates on different configurations of underlying fields that are not themselves directly observable but result in identical observable quantities, "Electromagnetic spectrum" and "Electromagnetic radiation" that elaborate on how energy and momentum in electromagnetic field could interact with matter.

Local physical laws are determined by the large-scale structure of the universe. - Mach's principle


- With circumstantial evidence
- With direct evidence
- With strong evidence
- With qualitative proof
- Falsified

Some fundamental qualitative predications of the UVS worldview
An inviscid aetheric medium is almost all-pervasive throughout the entire observable universe.
The observable universe was formed in a torus-shaped vortical system and it is primarily precessing in its two-axis rotation.
The observable universe is in a perpetual vortical motion and was vortically emerged from the vortical motion of an almost all-pervasive inviscid medium.

The observable universe is formed in a paradigm of unisonal vortices in a vortical universe.
The distances between distant galaxies in the observable universe were extending with a vortical chain reaction in absolute space.

The formation of stars in a cluster of galaxies is systematically caused by the vortical motion of its nested intergalactic spheroidal vortex.
A focused torque-induced precession from the Solar System alignment effect can manifest all sorts of significant natural event on Earth.

Some fundamental metaphysical predications of the UVS worldview
All celestial objects are externally impelled to rotate and revolve in vortical motion with resonated precession effects.
The universe is a vortically precessing nested inviscid hypersphere of an aetheric 3-sphere system with 137 primary harmonics of nested vortical spheroid.
All nested spheroidal unisonal vortices are vortically formed in their bipolar sets of monopole system within a larger encompassing spheroidal unisonal vortex.
All matters are vortically coalesced by the two axis-spin of aether with resonated electromagnetic fields of different wavelength.
All matters are vortically weaved in spheroidal vortical spin fusion of aetheric vortex and this causes their vortical spin radiations in various harmonic wavelengths.
ll forms of energy in the observable universe are transferred from the unisonal vortical motion of aether in its closed system.

Some metaphysical inspirations of the UVS worldview

The observable universe is a vortical singularity! - UVS inspired -

All physical existences are weaved in vortical motion;
nothing physical is not vortical.
- UVS inspired

All physical existences in the universe are unisonally weaved in the
vortical motion of an
almost all-pervasive inviscid aetheric medium.
- UVS inspired -

The structure of the observable universe is a nested spheroidal vortical formation that has
formed and transformed in a paradigm of torus-shaped spheroidal unisonal vortex
- UVS inspired -

No physical structure is not vortical in nature. - UVS inspired -

The vortical universe is all in one, and one in all.” - UVS inspired -

In balanced synergetics that vortically create matter from an entity
of apparent nothingness, everything
in the universe
in a paradigm of vortical singularity.
- UVS inspired -

Spheroidal vortical spin fusion of aetheric vortex that weaves as matter,
is the causality for vortical spin radiation in harmonics of various wavelengths.
- UVS inspired -

Aether vortical motion is the omnipotent physical law in the observable universe.” - UVS inspired -

All matters in the universe are impelled by aether vortical motion
to maintain integrity for their resonated structural forms, and they are
coalesced by the vortical spin fusion of aether with repulsion effect.
- UVS inspired -

Vortically formed aether corpuscles in resonance of aether vortical motion in the vortical universe, vortically manifest subatomic particles, which vortically coalesce as hydrogen atoms, which then vortically consolidate as all types of heavier atoms, and thus vortically bond as all sorts of chemical compound. - UVS inspired -

All types of atom are resonated to coalesce at various periodical cycles and
angular phases by vortical motion in a universal spiral topology.
- UVS inspired -

All sources of radiation for galaxy clusters, galaxies, stars, novae,
supernovae, planetary nebulae and satellites are manifested from
vortical motion of aether in nested spheroidal encapsulations
. - UVS inspired -

All states of matter and all physical structures are withheld vortically
by electromagnetic interactions in different wavelengths.
- UVS inspired

All orbits are manifested with the vortical motion resonants
of their nested spheroidal unisonal vortices.
- UVS inspired -

Gravity is a vortical repulsion effect.- UVS inspired -

The mass effect of matter is caused by aether vortical motion
that renders the phenomenon of universal gravitation.
- UVS inspired

All non-contact forces in nature are rendered by vortical motion of
an inviscid medium that is almost all-pervasive in the observable universe.
- UVS inspired -

The entire observable universe is subliminally paradoxical.- UVS inspired -

Paradoxically, the local physical laws that govern the microcosms,
are determined by the macrocosms of the universe.
- UVS inspired -

Unisonal vortical motion of aether, is the underlying physical law of the objective reality.- UVS inspired -




June 2011

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Animated artist impression of a spheroidal dipole vortex
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