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The inspirations of Universal Vortical Singularity

This is a collection of the inspirations with sculptural ideas that were inspired during the UVS research.

The insights of these inspirations on Universal Vortical Singularity (UVS), are the generalizations of its metaphysical and philosophical aspects.

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The metaphysical inspirations of UVS

The cosmos is a vortically precessing nested inviscid hypersphere of an aetheric
3-sphere system with the superpositioning of 137 nested vortical hyperspheres.
- UVS inspired -

All physical existences are weaved in vortical motion; nothing physical is not vortical.- UVS inspired -

The structure of the observable universe is a nested vortical hypersphere, which is
being formed in the vortical transformations of a nested torus paradigm.
- UVS inspired -

The cosmos is the singularity of a nested vortical hypersphere. - UVS inspired -

All physical existences in the universe are unisonally weaved in the
vortical motion of an all-pervasive
inviscid aetheric medium.
- UVS inspired -

All physical objects are ruled by the motions of their resonated vortical singularities. - UVS inspired -

Vortically formed aether corpuscles in the resonance of aether vortical motion in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos, vortically manifest the subatomic particles to vortically coalesced as hydrogen atoms, which are then vortically fused as all types of heavier atoms, and thus are vortically bonded as all sorts of chemical compounds. - UVS inspired -

Vortical motion of aether is the first principle for thermodynamics of the universe. - UVS inspired -

Aether vortical motion entails the omnipotent physical law of the cosmos. - UVS inspired -

All local physical laws that govern the microcosms,
are determined by the vortical macrocosms of the cosmos.
- UVS inspired -

Aether vortical motion with the vitality of consolidating centripetal motion renders
the orders for any physical existence, and its manifested vortrex with conserved energy
in distributing centrifugal motion, renders the chaos for it to evolve.
- UVS inspired -

All objects are fundamentally manifested and coalesed in
their vortical hypersphere forms of nested toroidal vortices
- UVS inspired -

All matters in the universe are impelled by aether vortical motion
to maintain integrity for their resonated structural forms, and they are coalesced
by the hyperspherical vortex spin fusion of aether with repulsion effect.
- UVS inspired -

All types of atoms are resonated to coalesce at various periodical cycles and
angular phases by vortical motion in a universal spiral topology.
- UVS inspired -

All steady-state physical structures are vortically consolidated,
and are held stable by a unisonal vortical motion.
- UVS inspired -

All naturally manifested chirality pair structures formed in Möbius strip topology,
which renders their asymmetric left and right-hand pairs,
are formed by
the vortical motion of their nested dual-core 3-sphere hyperspheres.
- UVS inspired -

The isotropic hyperspherical vortex spin fusion of aetheric vortex that pushes in to vortically coalesce as all variations of matter, is the causality for their vortical spin radiation of different wavelengths. - UVS inspired -

All sources of radiation for galaxy clusters, galaxies, stars, novae,
supernovae, planetary nebulae, and etc, are manifested from the
vortical motion of aether in their nested spheroidal encapsulations
. - UVS inspired -

Aether vortical motion vortically pushes out all sources of electromagnetic radiation
in the universe, and causes the spheroidal pushed-in effect as universal gravitation
in its vortically conceived nested spheroidal encapsulation.
- UVS inspired -

Gravity is the vortical repulsion effect of its hyperspherical encapsulation.- UVS inspired -

Gravitational force is manifested in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos with
the perpetual vortical push-in interaction of its aether vortical motion.
- UVS inspired -

The mass effect of matter is caused by aether vortical motion
that renders the phenomenon of universal gravitation.
- UVS inspired

All mass is vortical interaction.- UVS inspired -

All non-contact forces in nature are rendered by vortical motion of
an inviscid aetheric medium that is all-pervasive in the cosmos.
- UVS inspired -

All states of matter and all physical structures are withheld vortically
by electromagnetic interactions in different wavelengths.
- UVS inspired

All matters are vortically coalesced as physical structures by the orthogonal two-axis spin of
aether vortical motion manifested in the nested vortical hypersphere of the cosmos.
- UVS inspired -

All existences are zero-sum manifestations in the
countervail dichotomies of aether vortical motion.
- UVS inspired -

Aether vortical motion is the underlying principle of the objective reality.- UVS inspired -

All celestial objects are externally impelled to rotate and revolve
in vortical motion with resonated precession effects.
- UVS inspired

All naturally formed Solar System objects are being vortically coalesced
in the hyperspherical variants of nested toroidal force field
s.” - UVS inspired -

All orbits are manifested with the vortical motion resonants
in the torus force fields of their nested vortical hyperspheres.
- UVS inspired -

The Solar System is formed in a planetary vortical system that
has manifested in the vortical system of the Milky Way.
- UVS inspired -

The Sun is not the center of the Solar System. - UVS inspired -

All Solar System objects vortically revolve around the barycenter of the Solar System.- UVS inspired -

All Solar System objects with the orbital inclinations of their apsidal precessions at tilted angles on the invariable plane, in fact are abscribing a nested ring torus topology with their planetary oribitals.- UVS inspired -

Paradoxically, the Sun is not in the motion that appears to be rising from the east horizon as apparently observed, it is not stationary like it had been believed to be so with the putative laws of physics that assert heliocentrism, and it is also not the center of the Solar System like it was being thought as with the current conventional wisdom; nothing could be further from the truth than such fallacious postulations that were established in all sorts of delusion about the Sun.- UVS inspired -

In a state of nothingness beyond the observable bandwidth in the realm of the delimited cosmos, the underlying eternal light renders the undulating harmonics of vortical motion to manifest the transitory three-dimensional objective reality. - UVS inspired -

In the balanced synergetic that vortically create matter from an aetheric entity, everything
physical in the cosmos unisonally evolves in a paradigm of vortical singularity.
- UVS inspired -

All matters and existences are harmonic vortical compositions of condensed light.” - UVS inspired -

In the observable universe, the nothingness of space is an intrinsic attribute of nature,
and it is a prerequisite for any physical entity to inherently exist.
- UVS inspired -

Time has never begun, neither would it end, there is no smallest limit of
the shortest moment nor is there a finite limit of the longest period.
- UVS inspired -

Absolute time in three-dimensional invariant space is a concept that transcends all physical locations in the observable universe, and has the characteristics of eternity, infinity and infinitesimality. - UVS inspired -

Everything is vortically made of light!- UVS inspired. -


The philosophical inspirations of UVS

The entire observable universe is subliminally paradoxical.- UVS inspired

The paradoxical effect of the cosmos causes cognitive paradoxes by
negating the observations of natural phenomena, and mysteriously render
them in all possible manners of subliminally negated circumstances.
- UVS inspired

The illusion of knowing is unresolvable in the delusion of its cognitive paradox. - UVS inspired -

Without realizing the cognitive paradoxes that negate to cause delusions in the observable universe,
the paradoxical effect of the cosmos has had fooled even the very intelligent people.
- UVS inspired

The paradoxical effect of the cosmos relentlessly obfuscate ingenious people as the intelligent fools in their states of delusion, dumb people as the stupefied fools in their states of stupefaction, and enlightened people of anything to appear to the others like they are the eccentric fools of that very thing. - UVS inspired -

Mother nature is a great illusionist! - UVS inspired -

A manifested paradoxical effect can consistently fool us with
the cognitive paradox rendered in its state of delusion.
- UVS inspired -

One can persistently fool himself in a delusion that paradoxically and consistently asserts
his fallacious belief, and therefore persistently believes in what is not true.
- UVS inspired -

With lame logic and moot reasoning that asserts ambiguity,
we can persistently fool ourselves.
- UVS inspired -

Ironically, we must not be afraid of being fooled; we are fools fooling ourselves
by afraid of being fooled after we are being subliminally fooled.
- UVS inspired -

Any law of physics that suffers foundational crisis with any of its posits,
would paradoxically distort its perception of reality.
- UVS inspired -

A pragmatical know-how developed with the postulated concept of its scientific model,
is not by de-facto the proof for the actuality of its empirical observation.
- UVS inspired-

Knowing how to quantitatively predict a phenomenon would work with its model is one thing,
how does the phenomenon actually
work in reality could be another thing.
- UVS inspired -

Knowing how to make it work is one thing, how it actually works is another issue,
and what you think on how it fundamentally works could be another story.
- UVS inspired -

Any physical law or axiom for the a priori proposition of an empirical observation that is claimed to have been conclusively proven by the quantitative rigors of its a posteriori knowledge, is the causality of its cognitive paradox fallacy with its fallacious posit for the objective reality. - UVS inspired -

Despite mathematics can precisely describe empirically observed natural phenomena with its validated hypothetical constructs, by itself it is not the correct tool to accurately describe the actualities of the natural phenomena. - UVS inspired -

If the equation for a universal law of physics cannot explain reality
with its mathematical construct, it is not the reality is incorrect.
- UVS inspired -

Any validated theoretical physics model could flop when refers to reality
if the posit for what it postulates is not qualitatively verified.
- UVS inspired -

Any scientific fact must leave no room for any rational doubt. - UVS inspired -

Intrinsically, the quantitative proof of a scientific theory,
is not the proof of the scientific theory.
- UVS inspired -

A tiny wrong assumption could lead to its huge misadventures. - UVS inspired -

Despite quantitative research with truth value is an essential aspect for scientific works,
its qualitative analysis must precede quantitative analysis.
- UVS inspired -

Physics should adopt the qualitative studies of natural phenomena as its primary discipline, and then follow with their quantitative studies as its secondary discipline for developing their a posteriori knowledge. - UVS inspired -

Without the qualitative proof, it cannot be certain on any proven scientific theory
that was concluded with its validated quantitative prediction, is at all true.
- UVS inspired -

What undoubtedly believed as the reality of an empirical observation
could be a rendering of its cognitive paradox.
- UVS inspired -

An incorrect hard-core belief would insidiously corrupt
all its perceptions that are perceived in its delusion.
- UVS inspired -

All delusions of the a posteriori propositions that render the illusions of knowledge,
are paradoxically stemmed from their fallacious posits.
- UVS inspired -

Delusion is the mother of all its illusions of knowledge.” - UVS inspired -

The fallaciously endorsed posit of a scientific model,
is the mother of all its science delusions.
- UVS inspired -

In the paradoxes of universal delusions, stating the subliminally negated
actualities of natural phenomena is inevitably a revolutionary act.
- UVS inspired -

By inducing the transcendental perceptions to reveal the actualities of
the observed natural phenomena, the enlightenments could inspire
the insights that elucidate their observational delusions.
- UVS inspired -

The awakening from delusion is enlightenment; awakened from delusion is enlightening. - UVS inspired -

The dynamics of Evolution are, Vortexes becoming Vortexes of Vortexes. - Allen Barrow inspired by UVS -

By visualizing the underlying structures and mechanisms, it intuitively reveals
the actualities of the mysteriously rendered natural phenomena.
- UVS inspired -


A duology of science and enlightenment:

  • Science without enlightenment renders hypotheses for pragmatism with the naturally obfuscated perceptions of natural phenomena in the delusions of subjective realities.
  • Science with enlightenment renders revelations for actualism with the transcendental perceptions of natural phenomena in the realism of the objective reality.

- UVS inspired -

By realizing the paradoxical effect of the cosmos, it enlightens on how natural phenomena
could be negated to render their delusional observations in a typical obfuscated manner.
- UVS inspired -

Enlightenment on the paradoxical effect of the cosmos, enlightens.- UVS inspired -

With the enlightenment, it could be incredibly simple and easy to perceive the actualities of the enigmatic natural phenomenon. However, under all possible manners of subliminally negated circumstances, the state of such enlightenments could be extremely hard to attain. - UVS inspired -

Nature could render us the inspirations for the insights only when we are hollowed out
in preparedness, and has become truly humble with a pure intention to know.
- UVS inspired -


A trilogy for the wholeness and integrity of knowledge, which rigorously cross-examines the actualities of natural phenomena with the congregations in a tripartite to form a consistent system of inquiry process as the criteria of truth:

  • Metascience with the coherence theory of truth, seeks and establishes metaphysical truths on the actualities with the congregation of philosophical rigor in the nature of reality.
  • Physical science with the correspondence theory of truth, seeks and establishes immutable truths on the actualities with the congregation of qualitative rigor in the objective reality.
  • Hard science with the pragmatic theory of truth, seeks and establishes unassailable truths on the actualities with the congregation of quantitative rigor in the modelings of reality.

- UVS inspired -

Objective reality is merely a conceptualized framework of nature. - UVS inspired -

Objective reality is merely a persistent illusion of vortical motion in the eternal now. - UVS inspired -





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