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Allegory of a flat Earth event

For the night sky observations, people from the Northern Hemisphere[w] exposed to the north celestial pole[w] could observe stars are spinning in the counterclockwise direction.

And people from the Southern Hemisphere[w] exposed to the south celestial pole could observe stars are spinning in the clockwise direction.

Remark: The Foucault pendulum is an immutable proof the Earth is a rotating spheroid.

North celestial pole star trail.

South celestial pole star trail.

These empirical observations at the two opposite celestial poles are cognitive paradoxes[g] rendered in their relative motion illusions, which are subliminally caused by the cyclonic motion of the spherical Earth[w] with its rotating motion.

Now imaging a scenario of a knowledge exchange event concerning the universe many centuries ago, which took place when people all over the world had largely believed that the Earth is flat[w], and it is the center of the universe[w]. The accomplished experts from both hemispheres had established their a posteriori[d] knowledge of the universe over their extensive observations based on their flat Earth models, and eventually the representatives from both sides of the world had met for a formal discussion.


Inevitably, the group of experts from the northern hemisphere would end up to acutely dispute with the group from the southern hemisphere. With all possible negated circumstances of their localized observations, the comparisons of their notes would therefore show some very fundamental details of their works were absolutely conflicting.

Without being enlightened[d] that the Earth is a spheroidal planet that rotates and revolves in the Solar System, misled in the delusions[d] of their localized observations that were subliminally rendering the naturally cognitive paradoxes[g], all at then were like fools adamantly insisting they were correct with their illusions of knowledge.

In the flat world delusion, people established all sorts of fallacious posits with the negated perceptions in their localized observations, relentlessly believed their postulated flat Earth models have to be correct. In eruptions of heated arguments with the attachments to their first principles[w], these two groups of people would never be able to agree with each other.

The illusion of knowing is unresolvable in the delusion of its cognitive paradox. - UVS inspired -

The majority of people now can comprehend without a slightest doubt in a general acceptance that the spheroidal Earth rotates to revolve around the Sun in the Solar System[w]; all of us on the spherical Earth are actually comoving[d] in the same rotating direction.

As a matter of fact, the Southern Cross[m] is always pointed to the south celestial pole, it is circumpolar from 35 degrees south latitude, and thus it could be concurrently observed all year round in clear night skies due South[w] from every location on the Earth at the specified latitudes; these specifically verifiable observations are suffice to elucidate the Flat Earth belief is fallacious.

And the indicative positions of the south celestial pole could be located as being at higher up or lower down from the horizon due South, which are specifically according to the latitudes[w] observed from different ground locations. Along with similar observations for the north celesital pole, these visually verifiable observations are coherent to infer the Earth is actually a globe.

An illustration for Southern Cross. [s]

With the knowledge of modern science, we now know beyond doubt that the Earth is not flat, and also understand the belief of the Earth is the center of universe was merely established in a delusion of the empirically observed relative motion illusion.

Howsoever, under the subliminal negated circumstances of its cognitive paradoxes, people could always be misled by its naturally rendered observational delusions to firmly believe the Earth is flat.

William Carpenter (1830-1896) published "A hundred proofs the Earth is not a Globe"[m] based on his consistence description logic[w] and reasoning that were supported with direct observations as evidence for Earth is not a globe. In such critiques with description logic asserted with the fallacies of affirming the consequent[w] against the actuality spherical Earth[w], all evidence of spherical Earth could be refuted as nonsensical with the fallacy of argumentum verbosium[w].

In the very obvious of hindsight, the flat Earth[w] model is fundamentally invalid, and all the proofs for the Earth is not a globe are fallacious. These were as a result of the confirmation bias[w] construed in the delusion of its physical paradox[w], and the ignorance of the transcendental perspective for its actuality.

A flat Earth model. [s]

Without realizing the cognitive paradoxes that negate to cause delusions in the observable universe, the paradoxical effect of the cosmos has had fooled even the very intelligent people.

The paradoxical effect of the cosmos relentlessly obfuscate ingenious people as the intelligent fools in their states of delusion, dumb people as the stupefied fools in their states of stupefaction, and enlightened people of anything to appear like they are the eccentric fools of that very thing. - UVS inspired -

It is now generally believed that the prejudices[w] and discriminations[w] like those stemmed from the Flat Earth were events of the past. Moreover, there is also a prevalent deep-rooted belief[w] that we are now in a golden age of physics[w], and scientific realism[w] rules with impeccable[d] and unassailable[d] proofs[w]. It is asserted that all the scientifically established proofs with the peer-reviews for their empirical observations, were accomplished with the well-established scientific method[w] of modern science[w]; the claims of scientific proofs for empirical observations were deemed to be rigorously tested and proven with their repeatable scientific experiments. As such, any critical discrepancy in the validated scientific theories[w] is deemed as must have had been eradicated.

Howsoever, in states of delusions to research in all possible renderings of cognitive paradoxes[g], the posits[d] and the postulations[d] of many scientific theories of the mainstream physical science have had been fallaciously justified with their cognitive paradox fallacies[uvs].

The history of our study of our solar system shows us clearly that accepted and conventional ideas
are often wrong, and that fundamental insights can arise from the most unexpected sources.
- Carl Sagan

Consequently, the official mainstream physical science could thus be established on its foundational crisis[m], and therefore all such a posteriori theories of the empirically observed natural phenomena[w] are the constructs of physical paradoxes[w] that were construed[d] in the fallacies of their science delusions.

Nonetheless, with the enlightenment[g] on the paradoxical effect of the cosmos[uvs] to re-evaluate natural phenomena in the transcendental perspectivism[uvs] of the UVS worldview, this approach could cogently resolve the science delusions that are being rendered by the paradoxical constructs of the mainstream physical science.

There could be no peace with the absolute conflicts caused by the fallacies that were misplaced as facts with the observational delusions.

With the resolution for elucidating the actuality[d] in its first principle[w], it could then resolve the physical paradoxes as a result of their cognitive paradoxes, which are rendered in their subliminally negated circumstances.

Enlightenment on the paradoxical effect of the cosmos, enlightens.- UVS inspired -

See the UVS topic on "Critical analysis of the scientific method on its intrinsic flaws" that elaborates on the science delusions of the mainstream physical science.





A scientific revolution

By Vincent Wee-Foo



A quest towards unity through a great awakening.


Image and animation credits:
Image of "The star trails of north celestial pole" - By KevinHadley
Image of "The star trails of south celestial pole" - By ESO/F. Char
Image illustrating the Southern Cross - Stargazers Club WA
Image of Flat Earth - Cartographer: Wilbur Glenn Voliva circa 1931

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