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The UVS visual inductive resolution on the Solar System alignment effect

The Solar System[w] alignment effect refers to a focused precession effect[w] of the significant Solar System objects and the planetary barycenters[w] that are aligned or cross-aligned. Such planetary alignments with their orbital elements[w] could amplify with its vortical runaway effect to significantly interact with a Solar System object at the focal points in its resonated nested viscous matter medium.

From the UVS perspective, a tidally stretched spheroidal body of viscous matter in the Solar System, would be intrinsically transformed as an ellipsoidal-shaped structure, which in actuality is a pair of nested forced polar vortex pair.

See the UVS topics on "The nested polar vortex pair" that elucidates on the forced polar vortex pair of the Earth, and "Visualization of a subliminal precession cycle of the Earth" that illutrates a short cycle precession of the Earth.

An ellipsoid. [s]

The nested forced polar vortex pair with a higher pressure gradient[w] rendered by a focused tidal force of a significant planetary alignment with a resonated torque-free precession[w] rendered by its tilted rotating planetary body, could vortically culminate angular momentum in its viscous matter medium.

And with its runaway vortical effect triggered at a focal point on lower latitudes[w], it could vortically transform a resonated forced vortex as a nested dual-core free vortex.

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism[uvs], the tidal force of a Solar System object exerts torque-induced precession[w] on a Solar System object could be amplified with its manifested torque-free precession in a vortical runaway effect, and thus forms unisonal vortices[uvs] at resonated locations in the nested viscous matter mediums of the planetary objects.

Such an induced runaway vortical effect when triggered with a focused tidal force formed forced vortex, is not miniscule.

The reference frame of this simplified animation is fixed on the illustrated barycenter (+).

See the UVS topics on "The vortices of Jupiter" that elaborates on nested vortices are vortically manifested inside out and all over in a gaseous planet, "The formation of stars and galaxies" that illustrates the vortical motion observed in numerous celestial objects.

All celestial objects are externally impelled to rotate and revolve
in vortical motion with resonated precession effects.
- UVS inspired

The cognitive paradox that negates to render the misconception for the planetary alignment effect of the Solar System, was thus meticulously resolved with the underlying vortical structure and mechanism explicated.

The grounding for its epistemic theories of truth: The underlying vortical structure and mechanism for the effects of of planetary alignment explicated with its hypothetical construct based on the UVS model, elucidated its delusional observation that renders its misconceptions. Thus, its cognitive paradoxes could be meticulously resolved, and all the related natural phenomena were then qualitatively analysed in the conceptual framework of UVS by inductive reasoning for explicating with their empirical evidence to predicate by abductive reasoning.

See the UVS topic on "Overviews of the UVS research" that elaborates on its visual grounded theory for the evaluations of natural phenomena.

As a result of the combined torque-induced precession interacting on a tilted rotating Earth by its moon, all planetary objects as well as their barycenters in their aligned and cross-aligned arrangements, it could focus to vortically resonate in the viscous matter mediums to spawn unisonal vortices by its manifested torque-free precession.

Such clusters of nested free vortices could be spawn at at specific geometric coordinates on the Earth inside its nested spheroidal layers of air, liquid, and mantle[w]

And there are overwhelming evidence for planetary alignments of Solar System objects have significant effects on natural events on the Earth such as storms[uvs], tropical cyclones[uvs], tidal bores[uvs], earthquakes[uvs], and oceanic whirlpools[uvs].

Earth's nested layers. 

Despite conventional wisdom[w] stated that tidal force caused by gravity from any Solar System object is minuscule on Earth, some geology events such as the tidal bore[uvs] phenomenon was also being periodically observed, and they are correlated with the alignments of significant Solar System objects. Also, it was empirically observed that the geological stress caused by tidal forces had caused a regular monthly pattern[m] of moonquakes[w].

Based on the UVS model, it evidently illustrates that the barycenter of the Solar System[uvs] is the dominating factor for sunspot[uvs] activity. And there are overwhelming evidence that dynamically focused precession effects from aligned Solar System objects or their barycenters, have significant precession effects for causing natural events on Earth.

And the UVS case study on the barycentric drivers of the solar cycle[uvs] has indubitably illustrated that the barycentric coordinates[w] of the four gas giants[w] in the Solar System can manifest significant precession effects on the Sun.

These are immutable qualitative proofs that the alignments of Solar System objects can exert significant precession effects in the nested layers of viscous matter on the Earth.

The scientific theory for celestial mechanics[w] with a static Sun that predicts tidal force of planets has minuscule effect on Earth needs to be re-evaluated.

False facts are highly injurious to the progress of science, for they often endure long; - Charles Darwin

The T-junction crossed alignment of Solar System objects

When an arrangement of the Solar System objects with a T-junction crossed alignment has occurred to Earth, it could trigger a free vortex to resonate in viscous matter medium by the culmination of vortical momentum with its torque-free precession.

The resonated effect can vortically form the low and high pressure systems with tidal effects in the nested viscous mediums of the tilted rotating Earth, and thus could drive to spawn vortices in its nested layers of atmospheric, oceanic, or liquefied mediums.

With an exact T-junction crossed alignment of the Solar System objects, the synergistic precession effect of toque-induced precession[w] and torque-free precession[w] manifested at the focal points on a tilted rotating Earth at the equipotential tidal bulges (high tides for ocean) and the tidal depressions (low tides for ocean), would be at their peaks and troughs with the highest pressure gradients[w].

An illustration of a T-junction crossed alignment.

For example, as illustrated with the animation on right, when there is an alignment of Sun, Moon, and Earth in a Sun-Moon-Earth or Sun-Earth-Moon conjunction, the spring tides of the ocean would occur to form the tidal bulges as a result of a tidal force[w]. Similar to the spring tide of ocean, the nested atmospheric layers and the ocean of mantle on Earth would also be forced to shape as a nested ellipsoid[w] by the combined tidal forces.

Whereas the nested surfaces of viscous matter mediums on Earth for the two focal points in its spring tide formation at the twelve o'clock and the six o'clock positions (illustrated in the animation on right with Sun, Earth, and Moon aligned), would be with their lowest levels. The tidal depressions formed by the tidal force of spring tide in the nested atmosphere of Earth, in actuality is a dual-core atmospheric forced vortex[w].

.............Twelve o'clock position

The types of tides in a lunisolar precession cycle of Sun and Moon that affects Earth's ocean.

See the UVS topic on "The nested polar vortex pair" that illustrates how a cognitive paradox was resolved with the visual thinking to visualize how an atmospheric forced vortex manifests on Earth, and the UVS subtopic on "The causality of tidal force" that illustrates the mechanism of pushed-in gravity with the interactions of celestial objects.

With torque-induced precession interacting on the tilted rotating Earth in the crossed alignments that are formed with Solar System objects, it could thus transform the forced vortex to form as all sorts of nested free vortices in the nested viscous matter mediums on the Earth.

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism[uvs], in a synergistic vortical circulating process with pushed-in and push-out momentum, the viscous matters in vortical flow in a tidal depression, are pushed toward the center of the forced vortex[uvs] with centripetal force[w] manifested from the tilted rotating Earth, and is pushed away from the center of the forced vortex with the tidal force of the aligned Solar System objects. This vortical effect transforms the forced vortex to form the standing wave of a free vortex at the focal point of a tidal depression.

When other significant Solar System objects such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus in all sorts of T-junction crossed alignment arrangement, have concurrently formed an alignment with the Earth that is about right angle to the alignment of Sun, Moon, and Earth, it could resonate with the tilted rotating Earth to induce unisonal vortices to spawn on Earth's nested medium of air, liquid, and mantle at its tidal depressions. This is a mechanical driver that could manifest natural events such as storms[uvs], tropical cyclones[uvs], tidal bores[uvs], earthquakes[uvs], and oceanic whirlpools[uvs].

From the UVS perspective, a tidal bulge on Earth is technically an inverted forced vortex of its viscous matter medium, which would interact with the torsion force of the tilted rotating Earth to render its torque-free precession effects.

The standing waves at the tidal bulges manifested in the mantle sphere that pressurize underneath the Earth's crust with their tidal effects interacting on a tilted rotating Earth, are the mechanical drivers that could manifest geology events such as the hypocenter earthquakes[uvs] and the dual-core craters[uvs].

See the UVS topics "The driver of earthquakes" that elaborate on the correlation of earthquakes with the aligned and cross-aligned Solar System objects, "Dual-core crater" that illustrates on how some peculiar craters could be vortically formed by manifested hyperspherical vortices of liquefied crust.


Natural events on Earth with aligned and cross-aligned Solar System objects

The intensification of Hurricane Katrina

During the Atlantic hurricane season on 28th August 2005 at 1 p.m., the tropical cyclone Hurricane Katrina[w] was rapidly intensified from category 3 to category 5.

The Solar System arrangement on 28th August 2005 was Jupiter-Venus-Earth, crossed aligned with Uranus-Earth-Mercury, also crossed aligned Saturn-Earth-Neptune. Jupiter was right on top at its sky view at the moment of this event. Critically, the alignment of Saturn-Earth-Neptune had formed a T-junction crossed alignment with Jupiter-Venus-Earth, and the alignment of Moon-Earth had just formed a T-junction crossed alignment with Sun-Earth-Uranus.

From the UVS perspective, this is apparently the catalyst for the intensification of Hurricane Katrina at that moment of that Solar System arrangement.

See the UVS topics on "Tropical cyclone" that elaborates on how such atmospheric events could be correlated with the arrangements of Solar System objects., and "A tri-typhoon cluster event and its dynamic arrangement of the cross-aligned Solar System objects" that illustrates the Solar System alignment effects are correlated with natural events.


A chain of 91 tornadoes touched down in US Tornado Alley and its arrangement of Solar System objects

On the night of the 5th of May 2007 when 91 tornadoes were reported in the United States, there were multiple crossed alignments. The aligned Venus-Earth-Moon-Jupiter crossed aligned with aligned Mercury-Sun-Earth, and also crossed with aligned Saturn-Earth-Neptune, which made its T-junction crossed alignment with aligned Earth-Mars-Uranus, and Saturn was right on top at the moment of this event.

See the UVS topic on "Tornado" for further elaboration on the vortical mechanism that can trigger a chain of tornadoes.

The polar vortex of tropopause[w] and stratosphere[w] with their jet streams[uvs] roaming above the United States on a tilted rotating Earth moving pass this planetary alignment, could have had triggered the chain of tornadoes in a manner beginning from east to west on the mainland of United States as reported.

The above image for outer Solar System planets are not to scale for distance in this illustration of the planetary alignments.

The nested polar vortex of the North Pole and its satellite vortex.

The subtropical jet stream of the polar vortex and the jet stream of its satellite vortex.


Other significant natural events with aligned and cross-aligned Solar System objects

In the UVS worldview, the eco-systems on Earth are extended far out into its galaxy and are significantly influenced by the precessing barycenter of the Solar System.

See an external link for the topic on "Solar to river flow and lake level correlations" that illustrates with the scientific findings on solar cycles correlate with river flow and lake level, it demonstrated that a precession cycle of the Sun has major dominating effects to the ecosystems on Earth.

In the above external link, it shows an approximately sixty-year period prominent solar cycle, as illustrated with its chart for “Long term solar activity influences on South American rivers”, was found to have correlations with the river flow and lake level on Earth; this is scientific evidence that the ecosystems on Earth, are also affected by the precession effects of the Solar System.

See the UVS subtopics on "The ~59.3 year synodic cycle of Jupiter and Saturn" that elaborates on an integral precession cycle of Jupiter and Saturn.

Evidently, the various long and short solar cycles with the empirically observed extreme solar activities on the Sun, were also found to be associated with the planetart alignment of the Solar System objects and their barycenters.

See the UVS topics on "The barycentric drivers of the solar cycle" that elaborates on how the alignments of the Solar System objects were rendering the past solar cycles, and "Little Ice Age" that illustrates the underlying mechanism that could cause the oscillation cycle to manifest the Little Ice Age.

Remarks: Further research in the barycentric alignments of the Solar System objects, could provide the foundation for its quantitative predictions of natural events that recur on the Earth.

By visualizing the underlying structures and mechanisms, it intuitively reveals
the actualities of the mysteriously rendered natural phenomena.
- UVS inspired -



Image and animation credits:
Animation for barycenter of a conjunction - By Vincent Wee Foo
Animation for types of tides - Keith's Moon Page on The Moon & Tides

Image of an ellipsoid - By SpikeToronto
Planetary chart on 28th Aug 2005 - Vincent Wee-Foo
Planetary chart on 5th May 2007 - Vincent Wee-Foo
Image of polar vortex on northern hemisphere - Science Daily
USA map - Reelfoot Area Chamber of Commerce


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