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The UVS visual inductive resolution on tornado

Based on the UVS model, a tornado is formed by the nested atmospheric free vortex manifested by an intensified jet stream of its atmospheric vortex.

It is made visible with the vortically condensed funnel cloud[w] collected on its vortex column.

Image on the right illustrates the polar jet stream[uvs] (blue) and the subtropical jet stream (red) of the northern hemisphere.

From the UVS perspective, a polar jet stream is a meandering ring torus[m] substructure of its polar vortex[uvs], and a polar vortex is a global scale clear air cyclonic storm.

An atmospheric ring torus structure is vortically formed in a closed streamline[w] of longitudinal wave[w].

In the UVS worldview, a tornado is a satellite unisonal vortex[uvs] modulated by the vortical system of a polar vortex of the tropopause[w] or stratosphere[w] that has formed downward through the troposphere[w].

The intensified jet stream of a satellite polar vortex could intrinsically manifest a tornado at a vertex[w] with its intrinsically resonated torque-free precession[w].

A simple sketch for illustrating the airflow of a wider vortical system in between two atmospheric layers. [uvs]

The UVS research predicates a tornado is formed with an atmospheric free vortex manifested by an intensified jet stream of its vortical system.

Image on the right shows a tornado that apparently was formed just outside a tropical cyclone[uvs] at its edge.

Impelled by the jet stream on higher troposphere, a tornado is formed with an intrinsically resonated free vortex of the lower troposphere.

See an externally link report on "Jet Stream Causing Tornado Outbreak" that reported on jet stream was causing an outbreak of tornadoes.

The fact that a tornado is coalesced by its nested atmospheric free vortex as can be empirically observed to be correlated with its jet stream, is the qualitative proof for a tornado is vortically induced to form in the vortical system of its nested atmospheric free vortex.

A tornado formed at an edge of a tropical cyclone.

A simple sketch for illustrating the airflow of a vortical system in between two atmospheric layers. [uvs]

The cognitive paradox that renders tornado as mysterious phenomenon, was thus resolved with its underlying vortical structure and mechanism explicated.

The grounding for its epistemic theories of truth: The underlying vortical structure and mechanism of a tornado as explicated with its hypothetical construct based on the UVS model, elucidated its delusional observations that render its misconceptions, mysteries, and anomalies. Thus, its cognitive paradox was simply dispersed, and all the related natural phenomena were then qualitatively analysed in the conceptual framework of UVS by inductive reasoning for explicating with their empirical evidence to predicate by abductive reasoning.

See the UVS topics on "The UVS' philosophy of science" and "Overviews of the UVS research" that elaborate on the methodology for the evaluations of natural phenomena, and "Unisonal vortex mechanism" that elaborates on the unisonal vortical chain reaction.

From the UVS perspective, the cold core phenomenon of a tornado is as a result of the cooler air from the higher cloud levels, has sunken and filled the vortex column of its atmospheric free vortex.

The UVS research predicates the cold core of a tornado is as a result of cooler air in the upper troposphere has sunk to fill the vortex column of its atmospheric free vortex.

From the UVS perspective, a jet stream[uvs] could be intensified by a strengthened torque-induced precession that impels its polar vortex or its satellite vortex. It could be caused by a Solar System alignment effect[uvs] with the aligned and cross-aligned Solar System objects.

This precession effect would resonate with the nested polar vortex to impel with its intensified jet streams, and could thus vortically spawn a chain of satellite vortices in geographically favored terrains with vortical culmination of angular momentum; this is the causality of a satellite vortex cluster that manifests as a chain of tornadoes[uvs].

Atmosphere chart of Earth showing its temperature distribution.

When an intensified subtropical jet stream of its polar vortex and another intensified jet stream of the satellite polar vortex interacts on a low altitude troposphere of lower cloud level in winter rushing down into warmer valley with freezing air, it could also spawn a chain of satellite vortices in the lower cloud level to render the phenomenon of a tornado cluster.

Subtropical jet stream of polar vortex impels its satellite vortex

An intensified subtropical jet stream of the polar vortex rendered by a torque-induced precession from the Solar System alignment effect, can generate a chain of atmospheric vortices that are subjected to localized factors, such as the dragging effects of landmass[uvs] in the Tornado Alley rendered by the valley between Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains.

By visualizing the underlying structures and mechanisms, it intuitively reveals
the actualities of the mysteriously rendered natural phenomena.
- UVS inspired -

The altitude of atmosphere is directly affected by Solar System alignment with tidal effect. When aligned Sun, Moon and other planets has a strong focused gravitational effect on North Indian Ocean side during winter of northern hemisphere, the atmospheres on top of United States would have a very low altitude cause by tidal force[w]. In winter nights, the mainland of United States within latitude of 30°N and 40°N is right on plane of the ecliptic[w]; this could subject the region to the maximum effects of external torque-induced precession.

See the UVS topic on "The Great White Spot on Saturn" that elaborates on how a chain of satellite free vortex cluster were periodically observed to have manifested by the axial-tilt of Saturn with its revolving precession effect.

From the UVS perspective, the Earth on its rotating axis would aid to drive a cyclonic vortex that spins in the same direction of its differential force, and this works against an anti-cyclonic vortex; cyclonic tornadoes therefore would occur more often than anti-cyclonic tornado.

Tornado with an upward spiraling jet of air stream

Waterspout – a clear air vortex landed on water

See an externally linked topic on "Video gallery of tornadoes", and a video clip for "Triple tornadoes".

Based on unisonal vortex mechanism[uvs], the strength and wind speed of an atmospheric vortex is at its maximum at the bottom portion of a nested vortex column. And tornado has a distinct feature of an upward vortical air stream that could levitate debris at the bottom of its nested vortex column in its vortical air boundary.

This vortical air boundary is a vortrex[uvs] formed by a bounced back reaction of its vertical downdraft[w], which vortically pushes in from the higher up atmospheric surface into the vortex column. Coupled with its spiraling horizontal force, the resultant reaction is a powerful upward spiraling jet of air stream that could lift roof top of a family house or toss a small vehicle into mid air in a projectile manner across a football stadium.

The UVS research predicates the upward spiraling jet of air stream of a tornado is formed by vortical reactions of a clear air vortex with a vortical momentum that has bounced off the ground.

Though relatively short lived at the vertex and very small in size as compared to a hurricane, with focused energy discharging in a small diameter vortex eye, the damaging force a tornado can exert directly on an obstacle with its high speed upward spiraling jet of air stream can be even more powerful than a hurricane, albeit with a much smaller capacity affecting a smaller region.

From the UVS perspective, the mechanism of an underlying atmospheric vortrex that could lift debris in its vortical boundary, or forms the water column in a waterspout, is similar to how a dust devil[uvs] is being impelled by its nested clear air vortex to lift up charged dust particles in a nested atmospheric layer, which tightly warps around the nested vortex column.

From the UVS perspective, waterspout is a troposphere vortex (i.e. nested atmospheric vortex formed in troposphere with several atmospheric layers) landed on water. Its upward spiraling jet of air stream in the nested vortrex that tightly wraps around its nested vortical column, could vortically push water up into its outer nested vortical column to form as a skin of water column.

This renders its cognitive paradox with an optical illusion of water is being sucked up by the vortex column; water is being vortically pushed up in between the nested vortrex of its nested atmospheric vortex.

Watch this video clip on "East Coast Park (singapore) SPOUT!" for a waterspout event that was associated with a supercell that had caused a thunderstorm, occurred in Singapore on 25th May 2007 at noon, it then dissipated after around 30 minutes. The Solar System arrangement for this event was a triple alignment of aligned Sun-Mercury-Earth-Jupiter-Pluto, Saturn-Earth-Neptune, and Moon-Earth-Uranus, the Sun was right on top at the moment of the event. The aligned Sun-Mercury-Earth-Jupiter-Pluto, formed a T-junction crossed alignment with the aligned Moon-Earth-Uranus. And the barycenter of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, was aligned Sun, Earth, and Jupiter.

See the UVS topic on "The vortices of Jupiter" that illustrates on how storms on the atmospheric layers of Jupiter, are being driven by its nested polar vortex pair, the underlying mechanism is similar to the mechanism that forms and drives tornadoes to mangiest on Earth.

See the digital copy of a French book "Toujours les tourbillons" authored by Charles Louis Weyher in 1911. Translated as "Always the whirlwinds", it illustrated and described with intricate details for the experiments on the mechanism that emulate atmospheric vortex and underwater vortex formations.

By inducing the transcendental perceptions to reveal the actualities of
the observed natural phenomena, the enlightenments could inspire
the insights that elucidate their observational delusions.
- UVS inspired -



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A simple sketch for illustrating the airflow of a wider vortical system in between two atmospheric layers. - By Vincent Wee-Foo
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A simple sketch for illustrating the airflow of a vortical system in between two atmospheric layers. - By Vincent Wee-Foo
Animated Demonstration of Bernoulli's Principle - Mark Mitchell

The inception of this UVS topic was in 2007 with ongoing updates since.

~ With special thanks to Dr. Kevin Dann for his email on 15th June 2021 sharing the digital copy the 1911 French book titled "Toujours les tourbillons" that illustrated and described with intricate details for the experiments on the mechanism that emulate atmospheric vortex and underwater vortex formations.


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