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Universal Vortical Singularity enlightenment on jet streams

Based on the UVS model, the two pairs of westerly cyclonic jet streams roaming on the surface of the Earth's troposphere in both hemispheres, are formed around the outer nested vortex columns of the nested polar vortex pair of tropopause and stratosphere that have etched onto the surface of troposphere.

In the UVS worldview, the nested polar vortex of Earth, is a global scale clear air cyclonic storm, and it vortically impels the meandering jet streams around it.

From the UVS perspective, jet streams are manifested in the nested atmospheric layers, and they are impelled by their underlying nested polar vortex to vortically manifest around the polar axis as ring torus structures in a nested arrangement. And the ring torus structures, are vortical substructures formed by the nested vortrexes of the nested polar vortex.

A ring torus structure

Cross section of a two level atmospheric vortical system sketch diagram for illustrating the interactions of airflow with vortical push momentum.


General configuration of the polar and subtropical jet streams.

Cross section of the subtropical and polar jet streams by latitude.

See a UVS topic on "Atmospheric polar vortex" that illustrates the apparently convex structure of a nested atmosphere in a hemisphere, is actually a concave structure.

From the UVS perspective, the smaller inner atmospheric loop at a polar region formed on the surface of troposphere, as shown in the image at above left, known as the polar jet stream, is supposedly formed by the vortrex of the tropopause polar vortex around its outer vortex column.

And the larger loop at subtropical region, known as subtropical jet stream, is supposedly formed by the vortrex of the stratosphere polar vortex around its outer vortex column.

As can be empirically observed with its underlying structure and mechanism illustrated, a jet stream is manifested by its polar vortex. It is thus a qualitative proof that a jet stream is a sub-structure of its atmospheric polar vortex.

UVS predicates that jet stream is formed with a vortrex manifested at the bottom section of its atmospheric polar vortex to flow in closed streamlines of a ring torus structure.

From the UVS perspective, the boundary of warm and cold air around a polar region segregrated by its jet stream, is rendered by sunken stratosphere that has filled a vortical column in its nested polar vortex.

The sunken warm air of stratorsphere having filled the vortex column in a mid latitude atmospheric band between the subtropical jet stream and the polar jet stream in a hemisphere of the Earth, is the causality for the frontogenesis of a polar jet stream.

UVS predicates that jet stream with significant differences in temperature at the boundaries of adjacent air masses is as a result of sunken atmosphere in the vortex column.

The cognitive paradoxes that render the mysteries of the jet stream, were thus meticulously resolved with the underlying structure and mechanism illustrated.

An atmosphere chart of Earth

The grounds for its epistemic theories of truth: The underlying structure and mechanism of a jet stream as illustrated by its hypothetical construct based on the UVS model, elucidated its delusional observations that render its misconceptions, mysteries, and anomalies. Thus, its cognitive paradox was meticulously resolved, and all the related natural phenomena were then qualitatively analysed in the conceptual frameworks of UVS by inductive reasoning for explicating on their empirical evidence to establish their qualitative predictions with abductive reasoning.

See UVS topics on "The UVS' philosophy of science" and "Overviews of UVS" that elaborate on the methodology for the evaluations of natural phenomena.

Based on the unisonal vortex mechanism, the phenomenon of jet stream is impelled by a high altitude polar vortex at a most pressurized bottom section, which is smallest in diameter for its vortex column, thus has the highest wind speed.

The main axis of the vortex mechanism for polar vortex of the of stratosphere, is rendered by Earth's rotation, and secondary axis is rendered by the revolving Earth that impels the polar free vortex.

This bottom section of the vortrex vortically pushed-in to sink as furrow on the surface of a lower atmosphere, and then vortically deflects upward to form as a ring torus structure with closed streamlines.

Graphic illustration for closed streamlines

With the precession effect of a wobbling Earth, the momentum culmination of vortical dynamics in the medium of the nested atmosphere, thus manifests as a meandering nested torus-shaped structure of air flow with closed streamlines.

The bottom section of unisonal vortex is where momentum culmination of vortical forces is at its peak, this is where the discharging of vortex energy is at its maximal. The air pressure, angular momentum and wind speed are at their highest with the radius of its vortex column is at its smallest at the bottom, vorticity is therefore is at its maximum there. This culminated vortical force of a vortex is bounced on impacting an atmospheric surface, and therefore air is vortically pushed out to form as a vortrex.

See UVS topics on "The v ortices of Jupiter" that illustrates how jet streams are driven by their polar vortices to form as cloud bands, "Tornado" that elaborates on how a tornado cluster can be impelled by a polar jet stream, "Ocean jet stream" that elaborates on how oceanic jet streams are caused by a nested oceanic free vortex, "Dust devil" that elaborates on the upward lifting mechanism of vortrex, and "The causality of subtropical deserts" that elaborate on how subtropical deserts were caused by the subtropical jet stream with the Hadley cells it impels.

From the UVS perspective, a jet stream and its polar vortex function as a unisonal vortical system. And its vortex eye can open wider to a lower latitude region when the polar vortex is intensified, or reduce in diameter and thus moves to a higher latitude region when the polar vortex is weakened. Perceivably, the phenomenon of jet stream shift, is caused by the intensity variations of its undulating polar vortex.

See an externally linked topic on "A Shift Toward Aridity" that reports on shifting of jet stream.

UVS predicates that the shifting of jet stream latitude is caused by the intensity variations of its undulating polar vortex.

If a Solar System alignment has focused precession effects at winter night when Moon is also aligned with Sun, with all else unchanged, the jet stream would have the highest wind speed with the vorticity of its nested polar vortex intensified.

See a UVS topic on "A typical arrangement of Solar System objects that could trigger a terrestrial free vortex" for further elaboration.


Subtropical jet stream

From the UVS perspective, a subtropical jet stream is rendered by the vortical column of its polar vortex of the stratosphere that has had opened up to the subtropical region around the Earth.

For its comparative analysis with Jupiter's cloud bands, the subtropical jet stream pair is an invisible pair of Earth's cloud bands that has vortically formed by its pair of stratosphere polar vortices with their vortex columns opened to the subtropical latitudes on both hemispheres.


Easterly jet stream

From the UVS perspective, the easterly jet stream that has manifested on the surface of troposphere, was impelled by the anti-cyclonic satellite vortex of the nested polar vortex.

The satellite image on right shows a meandering nested polar vortex that has occurred on various atmospheric layers at the northern hemisphere with its anti-cyclonic satellite vortex formed at just after the 5 o'clock position.

Apparently, the meandering shape polar vortrex is vortically resonated by its tri-core polar vortex in a tri-pole precession, and it can also be affected by the dragging effects of landmass that could thus form eddies.

The torque-induced precession effect that impels the satellite vortex, perceivably is rendered by the subtropical jet stream that culminates angular momentum at the caved-in portion of the nested polar vortex. This driving force rendered by the polar vortex, causes the satellite vortex to spin in clockwise direction as an anti-cyclone.

A jet stream manifested by the anti-cyclonic satellite vortex at its six o'clock region, is thus an easterly.

Satellite image of a nested polar vortex

See UVS topics on "Retrograde cloud bands" that illustrates the underlying mechanism for the easterly jet streams on Juipter, "The hexagonal-like cloud structure of Saturn" that illustrates a similar tri-core polar vortex on Saturn, and "Bermuda Triangle" that elaborate on how a manifested satellite clear air polar vortex can cause mysterious circumstances.


With the visualizations of the underlying structures and mechanisms of the natural phenomena,
these intuitively induce the enlightenments for the revelations on their actualities.
- UVS inspired -



easterly - A storm or wind coming from the east, toward the west; westwardly.
westerly - A storm or wind coming from the west, toward the east; eastwardly.


May 2007

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