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Some paradoxically observed optical illusions


An illustration for an artificial cognitive paradox

Image as shown, is apparently a curved bottom pyramid liked object, and its white tip could be seen to be pointing to the viewer.

It is actually a carved out structure in a spheroid, but the spheroid is hidden for illustrating its cognitive paradox with its obscured perception that renders its optical illusion.

Click here to see it with its hidden spheroid shown.



The motion paradox of a spinning 3-D tetrahedron structure

There is an amazing motion paradox in this spinning 3-D animation.

One can be seeing this tetrahedral spinning in clockwise direction, while another person at the same time can be seeing it spinning in counter-clockwise direction.

Did you see it rotating clockwise, or counter-clockwise?

Actually, the spin direction for this animation, can be controlled by the observer if a technique is mastered.

Click here to find out how.


The motion paradox in the silhouette of a spinning dancer

See a link to a spinning dancer animation that could appear to be rotating clockwise by a person but could also be observed rotating counter-clockwise by another person looking at a same animation.

Web sites as such claimed that this is a personality test, which can tell if a person uses more of his left or right brain by what he has observed for the rotating direction of the spinning dancer animation.

Click on the image to reveal the secrets of the motion paradox for this spinning dancer animation, and the techniques to control the rotating direction.




References and links:
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Original spinning dancer animation - by Nobuyuki Kayahara


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