Some volcano eruptions and their alignments of Solar System objects

Date Location Mountain Solar System alignment  
Jul 14, 1991 Luzon Island, Philippines Mt. Pinatubo Saturn-Earth-Moon-Jupiter crossed with Galactic Center-Neptune-Uranus-Earth-Sun, also crossed with Earth-Venus-Mars.  
Jun 25, 1997 Suthern Montserrat Soufrière Hills volcano Earth-Moon-Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune T-junction crossed with Saturn-Earth, also crossed with Sun-Earth-Galactic Center.  
Apr 18, 1906 Martinique, West Indies Mt Pelee Earth-Moon-Saturn T-junction crossed with Jupiter-Earth, also crossed with Neptune-Earth-Uranus-Galactic Center.  
Aug 26, 1883 Krakatau, Indonesia Krakatau
Earth-Moon-Saturn-Neptune T-juntion crossed with Sun-Earth, also crossed with Jupiter-Earth-Galactic Center.  
Jun 26, 1877 North-central Ecuador Mt. Cotopaxi Sun-Earth-Moon-Jupiter-Galactic Center T-junction crossed with Saturn-Earth.  
Aprl 5, 1815 Sumbawa, Indonesia Mt. Tambora Sun-Earth-Jupiter T-junction crossed with Uranus-Earth. also crossed with Saturn-Mars-Moon-Earth.  
May 21, 1792 Kyushu Island, Japan Unzen volcano Sun-Mercury-Moon-Earth, crosse with Earth-Jupiter-Neptune crossed with Saturn-Venus-Earth, and T-junction crossed with Uranus-Earth. Japan's greatest volcano disaster.
Jun 8, 1783 Iceland Laki volcano Jupiter-Earth-Venus crossed with Galactic Center-Saturn-Earth-Uranus, and T-junction crossed with Earth-Moon(1st quater)-Neptune.
Eruption lasted until Feb, 1784

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Note: The studies for these Solar System alignments herein were only based on a simple two dimensional study of approximate planetary positions in the ecliptic plane, and it was without taking into account for three dimensional spatial effects of tidal force for other aligned and almost aligned planets. Inner Solar System planets such as Mars, Venus, Mercury and galactic elements were mostly omitted in the studies, orbital elements such as supermoon and orbital inclination of the Earth with the aligned planets were also not factored in. Nonetheless, with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune aligned with Earth in the invariable plane, these are already suffice to illustrate the significant effects of their torque-induced precession that transfer as torque-free precession to interact with nested atmosphere on Earth. Planet Finder was designed for the purpose of locating planets for telescope observation. For using the Java script driven Planet finder, needs to use their recommended browser, such as the 64 bits Internet Explorer, and has to set it as the default browser for the Java installation. And after installing Java for the browser, has to add the URL of the applet to the "Java Exception Site list" by following the instructions in "How can I configure the Exception Site List?".

Update: Used the latest 3D Solar System Scope apps on Android device for observing the arrangement of Solar System objects.



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